Tuesday, 14 July 2015

In Real Life...Update

A couple of updates on what is going on in my "real life" world, outside of cyberspace...

My love for the Lord seems to ever increase, even with (especially with?) the terrible things I see going on, people who maintain they were "true Christians" and now say they don't believe in Jesus or the Bible and even post on Hinduism (for crying out loud) when you don't believe the truth you'll fall for anything, eh? I get so much peace and comfort from reading the scriptures, a peace that truly goes beyond my intellect or understanding, and I am truly thankful and content with life, and pray that no matter what happens, with everything going down the tubes so quickly anymore, that the Lord will be my strength and my shield when tshtf, that I won't give in to save my flesh...

So anyway, here are a couple of things that are going on here at our house...

Recently there was a townwide yard sale...but as these things sometimes go, it poured rain all day of the event. We were thinking of participating in it, but my husband decided to put it off for next year, and good thing because it was quite a rain and we have no tent...some diehards were out there in the rain with tents and I did go to a couple of their homes...I purchased a nice shelf for eight bucks!

At another house there was exercise equipment...I asked hubby about it, he said he already had plans for my exercise equipment and surprised me with a gift a few days ago...

Yeah, ok, very funny honey... :)

The garden is doing nicely however the weeds are doing best of all...I had decided last year that I would try my hand at doing it all from cuttings and seeds, so my plants, although they are doing well, are still small:

 The two scraggly looking plants are herbs: rosemary, watercress, basil, chives and cilantro (the tallest plant), okay they don't seem to be doing so great....started the herbs from seeds.

These are mostly all from seed, a few are from cuttings, my petunias (from seed) are growing well however still have not flowered...an aunt who has a gorgeous flowering garden credits Miracle Grow plant food...may have to go get some of that, been using an off brand plant food, some things just require spending the extra bucks.

These by our front door are also from cuttings, the red flowers are begonias that I rescued when they were hanging plants downtown. They are doing very well! The Dutch in me loves the fact that they were free! Bonus!

Yesterday I found this dead mole in our grass...

I truly never knew they have such an ugly snout!

And all that gardening leaves my joints more achey than ever, so when I saw an article promising relief from joint discomfort by drinking gelatin in water I had to give it a try. I had some last night; used half a packet in a glass of water, and had some again first thing in the morning. I must say that I noticed relief in my hands and feet this morning. Yesterday my feet were so stiff I hobbled around the house like I was 80 years old (sorry to any 80 year old who doesn't hobble that may be reading this). I have arthritis and joint pain from the wear and tear on my body from pushing heavy x-ray equipment and heavy patients; back pain, shoulder pain, pain in my hips...so I thought I might notice a slight benefit and any slight benefit would be a wonderful and welcome thing. This morning I walked down our staircase without having to brace myself compared with yesterday when I had to hang on to the walls as I painfully descended them....and my hands, I was barely able to close them yesterday, today I even can clench my fist tightly which I was unable to do yesterday because of the previous stiffness. I do still notice slight stiffness in my fingers but nothing like it was before starting this. Thank the Lord for this find! As a side note, the joint  cartilage which wears away as we age is made of the same material that makes up the myelin sheath which encase our nerves, so I also see this having potential benefit for nerve pain.

Anyway, you have been updated! Praise the Lord for His goodness, mercy and grace! He is worthy of our thanksgiving and praise! :)

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