Sunday, 14 February 2016

Death and Dying

A few months ago a "used to be fellow blogger" posted about a death in the family, and that her family tragedy is further proof to her for the non-existence of God. It was a very blahzay  blogpost that went on about how it doesn't matter anymore, she's not angry, not upset, not anything... nothing but "oh well, life goes on for absolutely no purpose whatsoever, and I'm so glad I discovered that....I'm so smart!"

Last night, watching The Gaithers, they showcased a family, the Feeks. The husband and wife (Joey and Rory) sing gospel songs and of course it showed them singing on the show, and they held and showed off their baby Indiana. They talked about the recent event in their lives, Joey's cancer, and their battle (chemo, surgery, more chemo) to fight the disease. Joey looked frail and thin yet at peace. She talked about her chats with hospital staff, that she was believing God for a miracle of healing, ALTHOUGH if it was His decision that her time on earth was done, she knew that His plans for her are much better than anything she could dream up for herself. The hospital staff, she said, told her how she inspired them through their smaller struggles, and gave them hope to keep trusting in Jesus's better plans for those who love Him.

Last night I thought about the contrast of the two stories that the above mentioned situations tell. It made me sad for the people in that former situation, and that the second inspires me in all of what Joey is going through God is working out His better plans, no matter what anyone wants to believe or not believe.

God is sovereign, and there is peace in that.

 I hope and pray that the Lord will bless everyone that reads this, and I also hope you will join me and many others in praying for Joey and her family, and that He gives you the peace that surpasses understanding.

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