Monday, 2 May 2016

A YouTube Gem!

If you've never read "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" you really need to do so. Some might get lost in the distractions; was it really written by "learned elders of Zion" aka Jews? and does reading it make one an antisemite? To me it doesn't matter who wrote it. What matters is the fact that so many of the things mentioned in it are playing out right before my eyes and it makes it clear that SOMEONE (or SOMEONES) are behind what we see happening, that there is a concerted effort to do all the terrible things outlined in Protocols, and it gives the possible reasons for where they want to go with all of this. God only knows how much longer this will continue on in that direction, we who believe in God know He will put a stop to it before this world completely self destructs, however it can get a lot worse before it gets to that point, so the question for me is "Just how far will the Lord allow all of this to continue to deteriorate?"

For those who don't want to sit and go through admittedly tedious and heavy reading, this youtube video provides a nice alternative, a 3 hour audio version!!! :)

Edited: I forgot to mention when the word "protestant" is used in this book it seems to me that it isn't the  meaning we automatically ascribe to, it means "dissentors" or maybe even "rioters"  or protestors. When we think of that word protestants we automatically think of a Christian group, but it seems to be used in a broader sense.


  1. I've not watched the three hour version, but a much shorter interview with one of these antichrists who was quite brash and arrogant in his manner and his words. It's not hard to recognize the source of all of this as the antichrist, and yes many of these things are in play as we live today and the rest will follow soon enough. For those wanting a complete printed version it can be found at:

    To be sure none of this has or can come about apart from the sovereign will of God Almighty. None of this catches Him by surprise or 'off guard'. As the prophesies of the Word concerning the last days are being fulfilled right before our eyes, we should rejoice and lift up our eyes, for our redemption draws nigh. Even so, come Lord Jesus.


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