Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Sinister Side of Butterflies

Do Butterflies even have a sinister side? I believe that everything that God made good, the devil can put his little twist on it to make it not good. The fact that the butterfly is a perfect allegory for our transformation in Christ has been hijacked by the New Age movement to depict our transformation into our "higher self" or "higher consciousness", which they say is a different way of saying the same thing. isn't. Their way substitutes our ability for God's ability to transform ourselves into some more enlightened being. Jesus restores us and makes us whole. He does elevate us, pulling us out of the mire of our sin. What that means is something completely different from what the world teaches about being higher and elevated, etc.

Quote (excerpt):

The delicate, iridescent butterfly emerging from the pupa shroud that claimed its former self is an abiding and haunting symbol of transformation. Of an evolutionary process, of a new life, unimaginable to the old. Of the true self, encrypted with the false, bursting out in full glory at the appointed time. Little wonder, then, that the image is a graphic metaphor for our own life and destiny.

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And another article states that what it calls the transformational cells change a caterpillar into a butterfly naming these cells "imaginal cells":

Quote (excerpt):

At a certain point in time, the long string of clumping and clustering imaginal cells switches gears from simply being a group of like-minded cells into the programming cells of the butterfly. They literally reach a critical mass of influence where the caterpillar’s destiny is altered to become a butterfly.
The pictures on this page show the beginning of the physical transformation the caterpillar undergoes, and certainly connotes a temporary state of chaos.
What is happening amid this clump of goo is old caterpillar cells transforming into wing cells, into antenna cells, into digestive tract cells, and so on. A new consciousness being born…

Many people believe that this story is highly symbolic of what is occurring in our world today, and how a more evolved experience is on the horizon for humanity.  Imaginal cells are clustering all over the globe, resonating at a higher frequency and bringing the light of a new consciousness to mankind.
We can see it tangibly by the countless people that are stepping out of their societal roles and doing things to help the collective good. We see it by innumerable organizations that are popping up with the sole mission of making the world a better place.
We can see it by books like A New Earth becoming international bestsellers for the first time in history. We can see it by mainstream icons like Oprah Winfrey taking this type of content and bringing it to the masses in unprecedented ways.

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I've noticed that I try to take the credit for making myself "good" when in actuality IF there is any good at all, it is only if God makes it so. I've also noticed that the world, the media, etc, encourage me at every turn to elevate myself into my "higher self", to make myself good. Every world religion wants to take the credit for teaching people how to try to be good, or accept "the fact" that we ARE good (remembering that Jesus said ONLY GOD IS GOOD), that we can somehow make ourselves good, or have "imaginal cells" that will magically transform us into something marvelously good....and then, the words of Jesus remind me that those who are the least will be the most in His kingdom, and He wasn't talking about a feigned humility to appear humble and holy. He was talking about a sincere humility that confesses the fact that we are horrible sinners in need of forgiveness. Even many Christian churches (at least in name, some don't even quote the Bible, or do so very casually and superficially) have adopted a new gospel according to Oprah and Dr. Phil. They say: "You can make yourself good, if you really believing in YOURSELF". Jesus said "Only God is good" and God the Father at Jesus baptism said to "Hear Him" (Jesus) ... so who should we believe? Who do we listen to? Oprah and Dr Phil, and countless pastors that are parroting their message? Or do we listen to Jesus?


  1. The New Age is so tricky, all these things sound good, reasonable.

    It's the same old lie. WE shall be as gods.

    I found a interesting teaching on THE LIE as if we don't have enough to do, but I'll put it here for future reference. I may have to go back through it again.

  2. I listened to the first teaching... very good! He makes it plain, and he's easier to understand than Dr Fruchtenbaum :)

  3. He is easier to understand lol!

    I am downloading more of his stuff. He is definitely a GRACE preacher with absolutely NO ROOM for legalism.


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