Saturday, 7 May 2011

Christian Persecution

In the New Mexico case, Judge Alan Malott ordered Elane Photography, run by a Christian husband and wife, to pay two lesbians some $6,600 for refusing to take photographs at a "wedding" for Vanessa Willock and Misty Pasconttini, even though the state didn't recognize the "marriage."
The article does not mention how many people participated in their polling on this issue. It does mention that those under 40 were much more likely to accept homosexual unions than those over 40. That says alot to me. Times truly are changing, and the next generation is in peril. They have been getting brainwashed, and the brainwashing apparently is working.

 Lady Gaga often uses men that are dressed in militant homosexual sadomassochistic costumes.

A quote from Vigilant Citizen about Lady Gaga's music video "Alejandro":

The inverted cross, placed on Gaga’s crotch, becomes a phallic symbol. Superimposed and combined with her female genitals, the theme of androgyny becomes prevalent. In occult circles, the alchemical transformation of the spiritual matter, the Great Work, must unite both opposing energies.

I truly believe we are in the last days. Some (many?) Christians think we can vote our way back to a more Christlike morality. I disagree. I do believe we need to observe what times we live in. It is so easy to rationalize it away and pretend "it isn't so", but it is. We need to be in prayer. It will get alot worse for those who oppose "the new morality". 

Philippians 4:6-7 (nkjv) "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."


  1. I feel really bad for the photographers. And I do think the next generation is really really being brainwashed (for the most part).

  2. Hi Ma,

    Yes, it makes me angry, and I know that isn't exactly right either.

    The next generation is being brainwashed... in the Lady Gaga Alejandro article, VC says:

    During the entire video, we see in the background a giant screen displaying scenes of social unrest, buildings on fire and military police running around, placing the viewers in a tense and oppressive ambiance.

    I keep seeing military takeover and revolution themes in movies, and VC says music videos is constantly pushing that theme to the young. I honestly believe they want it to happen and are manipulating (like the puppets in alot of these videos) people into position.

  3. We hear judgements coming down from the courts that so ignore the law, they're rewriting from the bench & unless you have unlimited finances you can't appeal. deToqueville said our way of government could not function without

    My only hope for our children & their futures is belief in Jesus Christ with the Bible hidden in their hearts, and continual prayer for guidance. This new generation of Christians is the oddity in a sea of unbelief, but the Holy Spirit will lead those who endure until the end. My young adult children are untested as yet, I pray for them that they will cling to their 1st love in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    Whichever generation is the last will have to live close to God, it is going to be absolutely impossible to live as lukewarm Christians no matter how young or old. Sodom & Gomorah in our faces can not be hidden from inside the locked doors of the church, it's beating upon the doors with 501c3 IRS pressures upon most causing them to give up preaching & teaching the whole Gospel & to lose their 1st love.

    Nearly 38 years ago my husband & I left a main line church because of their study literature leaving the issue of the Virgin birth up for personal interpretation. Since that time we've been dismayed many times at the failings of wholeness in official churches.

    When I speak out about these things, most of my professing Christian family are politely silent or impotently shake their heads or get uncomfortable.

    I'm not sure where we are in God's scale of time, but each of our lives is finite & meeting our Maker comes shortly I'm finally able to say without fear, a good aspect of aging.

    It does seem to me that the powers of darkness are determined to force us into the end times, but God will honor His clock, none else can set it or know how to read it. I see great effort to make us believe it is the last days. But we'll see without a doubt if we keep watch & pray & love not the world but the Maker.

    I need Jesus every hour, I hope that shows to my young people.

  4. Amen, so true Musemater.

    Sometimes I believe the Lord's returning is "at the door", and other times I think it could be a good long time yet...but if it is a long way away yet, it is because "the fullness of the Gentiles" hasn't fully come in yet, and God in His mercy, which is infinite and knows no limits, knows exactly what He is doing.

    So true about aging also, and each of us will see His coming in glory, even if we have passed away prior to the time that it occurs, because "the dead in Christ will rise first..." and "those who are still alive will not precede them."

    Thank you Ma and Musemater for your comments...and watching and remaining in prayer, as Jesus told us to do, are our best defense and weapons against evil.


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