Sunday, 22 May 2011

G20 Toronto Riot

When this "riot" took place in 2010 I watched alot of the video news clips and carefully watched what people said. I saw the chief of police state that the back up forces that showed up that weekend in riot gear, did not come in response to the "riot". He admitted that the increased police presence which came, had already been planned for weeks in advance. I also saw it reported that some of the actual protestors said that those who caused the "riot" came out of clip reported that a witness had stated the "protestors" that cause the damage etc, came out from under manhole covers in the street, where they had been hiding throughout the night prior to this incident...what "normal people" do that??? These were not run of the mill protestors. Now, I found that my suspicions regarding that whole situation was correct. It has come out that the "protestors" which caused the "riot" were actually police dressed as protestors:


  1. OH brother! I wonder when we'll get "protesters" here.

  2. Hi Ma,

    It has happened in the U.S. I'll do a separate post on it...


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