Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mammatus Clouds?

 This doesn't even look real!

This is a new one on me! I saw DelphI's post about the tornadoes in Joplin Mo, (Missouri) and the pic she has up of the sky, and Researcher gave this link:

Researcher's link for Mammatus clouds  (if you click on the pics on this link it takes you to other webpages with those pictures with more articles about them)

These are even stranger than the Asperatus Clouds!
Link for Google Asperatus clouds pics with links

Cliff Mass Weather Blog Link 



Those are, in fact, Mammatus clouds and are harmless. However, they are usually (but not always) associated with strong thunderstorms. In this case, these clouds would be associated with the strong storms that rolled through NY earlier. Some research suggests that these clouds are more prominent after the storm has passed. They are not a reliable indicator of a potential tornado. They are formed because moist air is interacting with dry air, the temperature differences causes evaporation at different levels and thus...these pouches form.

Think of it this have your car parked next to the empire state building and some yahoo decides to throw a bucket of change off the top of the building. The bucket has all kinds of coins...quarters, dimes, nickels, etc. When the change lands on your car you'll expect lots of dings...some smaller dings (pennies that landed) some larger dings (quarters that landed). In this scenario, your car would be the cloud, the coins are raindrops or ice crystals and the size of the coin represents the amount of energy required for evaporation. So, for the clouds...the more evaporation that is required, the larger the pouch. Just likein our car scenario, the larger the coin, the larger the ding in your car.


  1. Wow! Those clouds don't look real at all! Wild!

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Those clouds sure do not look real. Wild and scary!


  3. Hi Ma

    I somehow knew you'd like those :-D

    Hi Child of God,

    They look almost cartoonish, don't they? Really weird, I know!

    I found a message forum that was discussing them. They were saying these are a result of weather modifications...I haven't read it carefully, maybe they provide links to substantiate what they think...? I'm providing the link for that discussion in case anyone wants to see what others are saying about it:

  4. Maybe I'll learn how to embed a link in comments, but for now, highlight the link, copy it, and then put it into your browser location box manually...sorry...Ma, how do you do it? I need your expertise! :-)

  5. Okay:

    I keep trying to show the steps here, but it keeps turning into here is the instructions from another site:

    How to post a link in comments

  6. Wow, they're awesome! and no, they don't look real. Blessings!

  7. Hi Ma,

    I couldn't get your hyperlink to work, but I found something that explains it so I'll give it a try:

    link that explains these clouds

  8. Yay! it works! The title says "adult themed" but he's kidding because the word "mammatus" comes from "mammary glands", get it? I know, sigh, lol. I'm going to put the link in the body of the main post because it is sooooo cooooool!

    Hi Petra!

    Hope you can check that link I'm editing into the main post which explains how these clouds form. Pretty interesting!

  9. I can't believe the link I posted doesn't work..sorry about that 8(

  10. Hi Ma,

    It's ok :) I found it another way... but I found some interesting links while doing the looking around, and put them under educational links on the sidebar, in case you or any other homes choolers might be interested. One is a great site for children teaching them about the weather. I'm going to check it out further later! The internet is an awesome learning tool! :-D

  11. The internet is an awesome learning tool! :-D

    I know, I just LOVE having all this information. I really can't imagine life without it now..What a time to be alive!

  12. And about the virus....I thought of you after we realized it was the wall paper. DD is working on a website and she just had to have the "purrrfect" one of course!

    Here it is =^_^=

  13. Nice looking website! I'm not much for games right now, though, not enough time! :D


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