Sunday, 29 May 2011

We Need to Heed the Signs

 The very specific sign in The Lesson of the Sycamore Tree:

Quotes from the clip: "they did it exactly according to the pattern of judgment" and "...the leaders did not realize what they were saying..." and "...he (John Edwards) used the same scripture without realizing he was pronouncing judgment on America"

God provides His people with a warning before He does what He does. We cannot avert God's judgment, but we can prepare for it spiritually by remaining alert and by being in prayer for each other and by trying to warn others. Some might think this is inconsistent with God's sovereignty ("why do anything? God is in charge, He will do everything!"). It is true, God is in charge, and He also charged us with a commission to warn others and to watch the signs. This is not inconsistent with His sovereign will. He has made it work hand in hand with His sovereign will, the plan that cannot be altered, and the plan that He has chosen to allow us to participate in.


This bronze image of the fallen uprooted Sycamore is to be displayed on Wall Street which symbolizes America's financial prosperity. Bronze or brass is a metal "used as a type of severe judgment" (Wilson, Walter L. Dictionary of Bible Types. Hendrickson Publishers, Inc. 1999. p. 56). It is for this reason the Lord Jesus is pictured figuratively in the Book of Revelation with "his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters" (1:15).


Just as recorded in Isaiah with Israel, America replaced this Sycamore tree with a 21-foot Norway Spruce called the Tree of Hope was planted in the Northwest corner of the churchyard at St. Paul's Chapel on November 22, 2003, replacing the fallen Sycamore tree. The tree was donated by the Imperatore Nurseries and lifted into place by crane. On November 29, St. Paul's hosted a prayer service and ceremonial lighting of the Tree of Hope. (Torres, Maria Luisa. "Ground Zero's Tree of Hope." See also pictures: 

God is long suffering, and is slow to anger. He knows what He is doing and will do it. In His mercy He has made a way for those He has chosen, and will bring us unto Himself. Let us not be idle, but let us be diligent to warn others, and to watch and pray.

(sorry, I couldn't get those excerpts to come out the right size for some choice was going with too large or too small...I figured too large was better for those of us who are starting to become "vision impaired")

Found another link to a fallen tree that fell on 06-09-09 (interesting date, dontcha think?) The tree was a 140 year old tree that is pictured on the back of the $20 bill! It grew on the grounds of the White House:

Check out the link here

The signs are all around for those with eyes to see.


  1. wow.
    "We are on limited borrowed time."
    Mrs Jennifer@happiness is brilliant (comments are still messed up!)

  2. Hi Mrs. Jennifer,

    I feel the same way, we are definitely in a "grace period" for sure! God is gracious and generous, much more than we deserve.

  3. Much agreement on our country's need for repentance & God's judgement upon it coming soon, it needs to be heard nationwide. Not sure of their application of prophecy, will have to study more.

    Government officials definitely misused the Isaiah 9 scripture, so many of those proud statesmen have since been exposed as corrupt; Senators Daschel & Edwards & ex CIAdirector and Senator Porter from my home state of FL, and VP Chenney aka Halliburton, Rumsfield Aspartame king, & many more.

    Our whole country has been hoodwinked into what GW urged us to take up as a long war against terror. But prior knowledge is proven in the FOIA documents we all can read. Wikipedia takes a search for the Freedom Tower and reroutes it to the One World Trade Tower. That is very telling as to the agenda to use whole Event Day as reason to end our freedom and constitution.

    Interestingly enough; The building's first lease was announced on March 28, 2009, as a joint project between the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Vantone Industrial Co. based in Beijing, that will create a 190,810 sq ft (17,727 m2) "China Center", a business and cultural facility located between floors 64 and 69, that is said will represent business and cultural communities in China and serve as a hub for Chinese firms developing United States operations, as well as for US companies that wish to conduct business in China. The lease is for 20 years and 9 months.

    Our economic leaders now call for QE3 the last stop before final bankruptcy, but they full well know they're driving us down, just as surely as Building 7 was demolished into its own footprint as well as the original TTs.

    All this being said, we have the sure knowledge that God is Just, God is Pure, Jesus Christ is our covering, but the aprons that cover the privates of the leaders of our country who laid the cornerstones of our national buildings in their ceremonies of dedication to their G are totally inadequate to the job.

    God reins, we have the wedding garment, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Only Begotten Son, the Word.


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