Sunday, 29 May 2011

We Shall Rebuild!

This is a continuation of the previous post about the prophecy of the sycamore. This is a 9 part video series, but I am only posting the 4th in the series. You can find the rest:

The author of the Youtube link said this:

Sycamore: The 9/11 Tragedy is perhaps the most fascinating and important film in American history. Explore the prophetic warning signs that link the Old Testament Scripture found in the prophet Isaiah 9:8-10 to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in America.

The United States of America was founded upon the God of the Bible. What will be the fate of the nation as the majority of Americans continue to harden their hearts against the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Elliott Nesch and Raymond Schwab share some astonishing prophetic discoveries linking the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks to ancient Israel's apostasy and subsequent judgment of God through the Assyrians. Schwab and Nesch travel to New York City, the birthplace and gate of America, to preach the eight prophetic heralds of God's judgment on 9/11 and call the American people to repent from their sins and turn to God through faith in Jesus Christ.

This film is not to be bought or sold. Freely you have received, freely give. The producers encourage the viewers to reproduce this film and distribute freely that the nation would hear this important message and submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ before the point of no return and a more devastating judgment of God comes. Please pray for this nation. God's people hold the key to the fate of a America.

For more information or to obtain a free copy of Sycamore: The 9/11 Tragedy, visit:
Contact Elliott Nesch and Raymond Schwab at the following websites:


 I meant to put up part 5, not 4

Here is part 5, which dovetails with the previous post about the sycamore prophecy:


  1. On Steve Coerper's podcast recently, he read a statement from I think it was the city planner of Joplin, saying something to the effect that they would rebuild the city to be even better than before.

    He (Steve) referenced this story you did in regards to that. It does seem like the principalities and powers are in a challenge mode to God.

  2. Something interesting that Raymond Schwab says in one of the clips that judgment came to Israel 17 years after the incident with that sycamore in the Bible.

    (that would add to 2018, not that I'm date setting or anything...I'm just saying....)


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