Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Wonderful World of Disney....

Like many of our generation, I grew up with Walt Disney's "wonderful world" of animation. I loved Bambi, well except for the part where Bambi's mom got shot... and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves...yeah, well, dwarves can be a little creepy... Sleeping beauty was my favorite.

Vigilant Citizen tells of how Disney symbols like the Micky Mouse ears show up in music videos with hidden messages, like "Paparazzi":

Then there's This Vigilent Citizen installment on the weird Disney connection to the occult.
But, you might say, what about cute adorable Winnie the Pooh?... I know, I know, I love Winnie the Pooh too. I have a scrub top with Eeyore  all over it...

Who doesn't love Eeyore? Sigh....
And then something really one of my textbooks for one of my classes that will start up in about a week...there's a bit about Depersonalization Disorder and it gives an account of a father who is enjoying a vacation with his family at Disney World, Orlando, Florida. 


"On the third day I began to feel unreal and ill at ease while we were watching these middle-American Ivory-soap teenagers singing and dancing in front of Cinderella's Castle. The day was finally cooling down, but I broke into a sweat. I became shaky and dizzy and sat down on the cement next to the 4-year old's stroller without giving my wife an explanation. ...All of a sudden it was like the people around me were all silly mechanical creatures, like the dolls in the "It's a Small World" or the animals on the "Jungle Cruise". Things sort of seemed to slow down, the way they do when you've smoked marijuana, and there was this invisible wall of cotton between me and everyone else..."
--Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World, 7th edition; Nevid, Rathus, & Greene; 2008 (pg 221)
I personally believe there's more to this than we see on the shallow surface...and will require more digging. The question is, how far do I want to dig? I know Jesus protects me in all my wanderings...and sometimes "ignorance is bliss" and isn't bliss good? Well, maybe not the same as "the peace that surpasses all understanding". When digging, you need to have the proper gear on (armor of God) and be ready to encounter things that are stinky...the saying "there's something rotten in Denmark"...well, maybe not just in Denmark! To be continued at some later time (Lord willing)


  1. VC's stuff is so interesting.

    I listened to Scott Johnson's Disney series last summer. He is too funny...but seriously, it's serious.

    This is the first 4 of 8 parts...

    Disney Exposed!

  2. So anyway, I was sayin, that Scott Johnson had an 8 part series on Disney for those who like to get their info in audio form.

    Disney Exposed!

    That is the first four parts

  3. Hi Ma,

    Thanks! I will read that for sure.

    Last night I couldn't get Prince William out of my head, saw a few clips of the Royal wedding just before going to bed...anyway, the name Middleton and "fairytale wedding" (something they keep saying over and over) "dream come true" answer to what every little girl wishes would happen to her finding her "prince"... and then it had me thinking about Disney's fairy dreams come true world way of thinking. It's weird that Kate's maiden name is "Middleton", eh? Couldn't have planned it any better if you were to make up a modern day fairytale.

  4. It IS bizarre. I was just at the grocery and the wedding news is STILL all over the magazines.

  5. I don't remember if I already told you this - but it is interesting to read these things aout Disney because we just felt convictions toward not allowing it. I figured, just outright, without digging, obviously the movies typically have half naked women running around trying to get some guy to kiss her and we didn't want that. But the more I read and think about it - *shudder*

  6. Hi Mrs Jennifer

    Remember when churches had Disney boycotts? I agreed and joined the boycotts, although half-heartedly...

    But I have to admit that everything in this world, all companies, banks, etc, have involvements in things that we as Christians probably would not approve of, so I'm still going to buy gasoline for my car even though I don't like "the oil companies" etc...sigh

    A friend of mine says to me it's ok that I find out about these things and know about the conspiracies, etc, but to remain truly "in the world and not of the world" and really live that as a reality, I would have to remain completely unemotionally detached. Yeah, I still get emotional about it though I won't go on an all-out crusade, so as long as I'm emotional, I'm still overly invested in the problem. SIGH...He's right... God will take care of it in His time, without my "help" :)


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