Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I've been noticing a little bit of an internet stir on the topic of Elenin, which is supposed to come close to the earth around September or October (some are saying it will be closest around September  10-11th, while I've also heard September 26th....?) anyway, of course our favorite truther girl has her thoughts on this...and I love the fact that she says it's time to look into Jesus the Messiah if you haven't already:

I've seen some say Elenin stands for Extinction Level Event Nibiru Is Near....well, maybe....or it could be the name of that Russian scientist who was supposedly first in discovering it...hmmmm...well anyway, I'm not running to hide in the hills, nor am I going to try to find some underground bunker. If it's my time, Jesus knows exactly where to find me ;-)

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