Monday, 18 July 2011

Final Thoughts....

Last week was the last week of my summer online classes. My last assignment for my sociology class asked for my thoughts on the political issues and healthcare issues that were discussed in our textbook. These are some of my thoughts as given in my last sociology assignment:

This week has been a difficult one for me because many things occurred this week that were turning points in my life, and they seemed to pivot on the lessons that touched on things with relevance to what I was going through... studying things like healthcare and politics and world situations with these heavy things on my heart really made me focus on these things with the temporariness of life in mind.

Although I am a conservative (probably closest to the Libertarian Party) I find that the textbook is slanted very much in the liberal leftist direction, so it made me a little testy to have to suffer through that bias. However, what I have concluded through all of this is that what it really comes down to is “Who is running this show anyway?” If the “powers that be” people are good and trustworthy, no matter what form of government we have would be good, if the leaders are good. The rest really is all a bunch of hoopla, just a sideshow to keep us all distracted. But if the leaders are bad and untrustworthy, no matter what kind of government we have in place, it still will be rotten.

And as far as healthcare goes, people want something for nothing, and truly there is no such thing. All the people with their hands out wanting freebees without wanting to pay for it will be in for a shock when we get the bill and see the kind of poor service we will endure for a hefty price tag. The saying goes “You get what you pay for”, and that is exactly what the government is going to give, close to nothing, because their story is that it's going to cost next to nothing because it is our money, not theirs, that will be footing the bill.

In their minds we are getting off cheap, so what we will get will be cheap. Thinking about the health problems that my family is going through right now, and the temporariness of life.... makes these thoughts hit me very close to home.

Thank you, Professor B., for this class. Although much of it ran against my ethics and values, I still came away with a richer and deeper perspective on these things, and what it really all boils down to for me is that if the “powers that be” and the general population are good and moral and ethical, all of these things will work together for a good outcome no matter how they decide to structure it. Time will tell how truly good our leaders and their followers really are.


And, truly as an addendum to the above, I want to also state that in the final end, we do have Someone that is over all the powers of this world, so no matter how good (well, they are "only human" after all) or bad, God has promised us Romans 8:28, that is my anchor, and after all the hurricanes and disasters of this world pass away, it is God who will have sustained those who are His, through it all. 



  1. Very well written, I hope you get a good grade:)

  2. Hi Ma,

    My stats show me close to 97% but the professor said I'm getting a B+ which doesn't add up....? But this has been such a weird last couple of weeks...I asked her how that is possible and am awaiting her reply...

    The school computer system is called "Angel" and we experienced a few bumps in the system over the last 10 days or so with tests not loading right, and then my attachments weren't working, which have since been fixed. Last weekend the tests didn't come up for us to be able to take them AGAIN...and when they finally did, my computer bumped me off halfway through one of my tests. I couldn't get back into Firefox, so I used Explorer and finished both tests before I got bumped out again.

    My friend at work said I got a virus, and it made me wonder if I got it from "Angel" since they were having trouble also. I called the support desk, but they said "nope, nope, no virus in Angel"....I hope not....but I'm not so sure. Anyway, thank the Lord that I was able to get all my work done and was able to finish my tests :-)

  3. “Who is running this show anyway?” God! Is that photo from Chaplin's Great Dictator? Great movie!

  4. Hi Petra :-)

    I found that photo and thought it adorable, not sure but it probably is from Chaplin's Great Dictator....I'll have to look that up and see if I can view that movie online...if it's available online, I'll post it :-D Thanks for the idea and for your thoughts


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