Thursday, 11 August 2011


This story reminds me of the poem "Footprints" for some reason... but it has little to do with that poem, and I find it comical how far atheists will go to deny the truth.


" fit these footprints into an evolutionary scenario, it would seem that the tracks would have had to be made by a creature that was human from the waist down, but ape-like from the waist up. Evolutionary baggage, not scientific data, has forced this warped and imaginative interpretation, for which there is little or no scientific support. Extinct ape-like creatures collectively called australopiths are routinely invoked as the real Laetoli print makers, but none of these fossil forms show feet, legs, or hips the same size and shape as those of humans."

Read the entire informative and entertaining article here 
I guess I shouldn't find it funny to see really "smart" people making fools out of themselves 

(see Romans 1:22 )



  1. What a cute monkey!

    My daughter asks the question about evolution that we all ask I think. If we evolved, why are there still monkeys?

  2. Seems like an obvious question, and these "smart people" have concocted an answer for that, but is God convinced?

    I cannot help but think of Jesus seeing these "smart people" like we would look at a really cocky, immature, brat that is too full of himself and his misinformed arrogance, and love him in spite of himself.

    I know that God's goodness and truth will win, and the evil that people do, and the devil that is behind it will be destroyed. How that will all finally play out is still a mystery, a story that I am watching with eager anticipation.


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