Friday, 26 August 2011

Harry Potter and the Children's Indoctrination

This one came up rather suddenly today, it is something that has been in the back of my mind concerning some family members, and bubbled up to the surface quite explosively today.

J.K. Rowlings has said that she is a Christian. I just cannot make the two match up together. How can a Christian dream up such a satanic character steeped in so much witchcraft? How can a Christian indoctrinate so many children into wanting to be witches and warlocks and practice magic spells? There are also people who call themselves Christians who recommend these books and movies, and I have to wonder, why??? Are these really "moral" stories? Really?


  1. Hi Susan, This is a study I've done also, back a few years ago when it was a germane topic for my kids, but by then I had read all the available books in series (the last one hadn't been written then)out of curiosity because of the phenomenon. I was none too impressed with the writing, but nonetheless intrigued with the unfolding story about the orphaned demi-wizzard's education and the odd old English style world he existed in. Myself being a product of the TV/movie age I with only a little reserve accepted the "expert" Christian authorities assurances that Ms Rowlings was harmless.

    This was before I came out of Babylon so to speak and began to put all the inconsistency of our last hundred years church and government together into the nwo scheme which we know orchestrates all aspects of society as we know it. Forgive me for the lengthy disclaimer!

    Long story short....too late....Anyhow, I cheated the last book and read the ending chapters and was absolutely aghast and horrified to read Potter's Christ like death & resurrection story! That so completely revealed that the series was always intended to muddle up young people's minds. Along with the Twilight series which came after, Harry Potter and all the last hundred years of literature (with only a few exceptions)aimed at children as well as Disney, et al, have served the occult very, very well.

    Rowlings writings have been accused of being anti-authoritarian, but I beg to differ, she is rather transferring allegiance from God to darkness and mystery and complicated rituals, that isn't freedom at all, but bondage to irrationality, smoky, dirty, dusty, musty, rottenness, decay, freakishness, and luridness of lower entities.

    What we have now passing for normal fare for children is so far from biblical morality. I think they (TPB) think, "Mission accomplished." We of course know God reigns supreme, Jesus did in Luke Ch 4 reject the world that was proffered to him by Satan in the temptation, our heavenly Father calls us out with the Holy Spirit to holiness through His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, praise Him!

    Finally, I personally believe it is a very wicked thing of any church leaders to OK these primers for witchcraft & occult, I'd not want to be one guilty of offending these little ones, albatross round the neck warning, you know!

  2. Hi Musemater,

    Transfer of allegiance, yes, very good point. I can fully see that, thanks Muse!

    I don't think anything can "unsave" anyone, but I do agree that it can put an unnecessary hindrance on someone who gets tangled up in it. Satan knows he cannot unsave us but he can most certainly torment us.


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