Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Explosive Evidence for Creation with Dr. Steve Austin

I love creation science. I stumbled into this little video in which Dr Steve Austin, a geologist, explains that Mt. St. Helens offers proof of quick earth stratification and other geological changes that atheistic scientists try to convince us to believe needed to take millions of years, but in fact could have been accomplished in days rather than millions of years. This video is just under a half hour long, and Dr Austin explains these things alot better than I do, so please take the time to listen and learn something new!

Check out his website here

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  1. Hi Susan, Me too on this subject, fascinating information! Our world view is shaped by our understanding of our origins, so very vital!

    I first discovered Ken Ham, and his creation science about 20 years ago when my homeschool "career" began with my eldest children. Wonderful work these folks have done over the years. Mt St. Helen's is mind opening and God-Creator confirming.


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