Sunday, 14 August 2011

Riot Provocateurs

Watch this video carefully, and at the end they have still shots where they show why the real protestors knew these were police provocateurs.

This happened in Quebec August 2007.

This next one happened in Greece June 29, 2011.

Notice how the police take these fake "protestors" that have caused the commotion aside, but teargas and attack the real protestors that didn't cause the problems.

And here's Louk the Greek protest dog, a stray that joins in every protest since 2008:


  1. Maybe more of us are becoming aware of these dirty tricks? Hope so anyhow it is getting pretty transparent to some of us. Love Louk, what a fine example of courage under fire, it's funny how we're so scared of the noise of bullies.

  2. Hi Musemater,

    I think he's sweet too, but I'm afraid one day the police will shoot him. He seems like he's standing up for the protestors, like he wants to protect them. He's given the protestors a heart and is their soul. If the police kill him I think it would injure their spirit alot.


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