Monday, 12 September 2011

9/11 and the Truth, part 3

This little clip asks some good questions. The guy being interviewed gives some startling information for just being "an average man on the street"... he knew more about the situation than the firefighters and specialists...??? Who was that guy? Also where did the reporters and that supposed Mayor Guiliani assistant get their information so quickly? Who was giving them their scripts?

And then there's Rick Rescorla...what exactly did he know?....?

Here are a few interesting pictures taken of some of the vehicles and the type of damage caused to them that day:

 Check out more pictures with the thoughts given by Drs Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds:

At the top of the page you can click on the various categories of topics and pictures and assessments of how they think this data needs to be interpreted. 

What really happened that day? What did THEY know? What did THEY do? Why did THEY act so suspiciously?...GW and Rumsfeld looked like cats that ate a canary for sure! So many questions, so many lies....


  1. That's really interesting about Rick Rescorla. I'll have to watch it again, I had too many pint-sized distractions over here.

  2. Yeah, makes me think he knew alot, but the only way he could think of that would help the best was by risking and then giving his life, to rescue as many people as he could.

    He might have weighed his options, be an outright and vocal whistle-blower and get discredited and/or killed, or just try to continue living so that he would be able to do all he could to try to rescue as many as he could....?

    Smart man...

  3. Hi Susan, This is such a broad area! I hadn't heard of Jerome Hauer before, wow, that shows how the networks were supplied with the talking points to CLOSE the minds of public to any possibility other than the OBL/19 hijackers terrorists! Edward Bearnaise would have been proud of these manipulators.

    They had the media lines memorized and ready to disseminate into the 911-legend-in-making on the very first hour of the "attacks"!!!

    The evidence just keeps meshing into such a controlled chaos of disinformation that is now coming together in the wide angle picture. Such a honking big panorama of collusions that a 360 degree surround screen couldn't contain it all!

    I AM FLABBERGASTED! How oh, how? can not folks who claim to be conservatives and or Christians refuse to see?

  4. Yeah,Musemater, I don't know all of the perps either...but there are probably more that were told what to say etc, than we realize. I think many of the news anchors just are doing their job and don't know what else to do but read their script when it's given to them. But that "eye witness" looked like a cop (like those black ops guys or like the riot provocateurs at some of the G20 meetings). Those guys are scary, I believe those provocateur types are sociopaths without a soul.

    Last year there was a program about aliens called "V". In the show there were different sorts of aliens, reminded me of a bee hive where some bees are worker bees each with specific functions. There was a type of alien that functioned as their assassins, like mercenaries. The first one they showed reminded me of these black ops cops that I've been seeing lately. Then after a few episodes they made that type of alien less scary (less realistic) and more cartoon-like (changed them to be more like Buzz Lightyear, kinda).

    I wonder what they have planned to do next?


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