Tuesday, 20 September 2011

American Family Association's Comments

The AFA has come out to say that families should not let young children watch dwts because Chaz Bono will confuse the younguns. Children are still forming their identities and can become confused about gender manipulation and the propaganda that is being forced upon us.

He does talk about some specifics about what kinds of mutilations are performed on transgender folks like Chaz, so be warned, not for the squeemish.

ABC News has stated that the AFA is a hate group and asked Chaz whether she feels threatened or whether she will leave the show because of what people say. She said she would stay as long as people keep voting for her and stay as long as she can. She said she's good at tuning stuff out. Is she good at "tuning out" the Holy Spirit?

There are some (many?) even amongst those who call themselves Christians who would say it is mean to speak the truth about this. I say it is meaner not to speak the truth about this. We need to remain honest, even when it doesn't win us popularity contests, and might one day get us killed. The truth needs to be told, and we need to continue to speak about the unpopular and true and not say that we like the emperor's new clothes when the emperor is in fact naked.


  1. Hi Susan, I'm doing a before-watching-post here, so I'll make another after, but just wanted to say my gut reaction on Chaz/Chasity has been to pity her and her poor earthbound mother Cher.

    What a sad, sad, and I'm meaning this in love, for their horrible outward evidences of their battles against the ravages of time, psychology, and biology. I always thought Chasity's problem was her unremitting comparisons with her May West like mother. Just what kind of things the young girl must have seen and how awfully she must have wanted to be beautiful as she believed her mother to be. The insides of these women have to be void, I pray they both find God in belief in Jesus Christ to fill them with the true beauty of eternal life and really truly perfect bodies and renewed minds.

  2. Hi Musemater,

    I agree absolutely. I once heard her talk about Sonny always treating her like a boy, and that he understood her that she wasn't really a girl and that he accepted it. There is definitely something that was way wrong there, and I believe it is a very dark and troubling spiritual problem, truly. I pray that she will be able to break free of it.

  3. Hi Susan, I'm opining on this over on my blog. Thanks for the heads up on these reports, I had not seen them.:)


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