Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Zionism, Mossad, the True Remnant, and Antisemitism

Wow, how's that for a topic? I was looking at several 9/11 truth videos, and a few pointed to the Mossad and Israel as being the real culprits behind the attacks, and that when it is revealed, the U.S. will be so angry that she will destroy Israel, wiping Israel completely off the earth was one way one of the speakers put it. It may be so that there were Zionist factions behind what happened on September 11th 2001, there are some suspicious occurrences which make it seem possible, even probable, that Israel had something to do with it. And what if that were so? What if the truth comes out, and the truth points directly and unavoidably at Israel being at the very core of all that mess to get us to bomb all her enemies to kingdom come? Is it a Christian response to bomb Israel off the face of the earth?

I personally do believe there were Zionists (both Christian and Jewish) who were "in the know" and involved in at very least allowing or facilitating and assisting (if not in the actual planning and full carrying out) in the 9/11 atrocities. I do not agree with the "eye for an eye" system of justice. As the saying goes, if we play by that rule, we would all be blind, and I do believe the Lord wants us to see what He is going to do. Yes, Israel has made mistakes, so has the United States, and any other country you want to name. We've all blundered as individuals, and as nations, we all fall short of perfection. Why is the world's solution to viciously repay for any wrongdoing, perceived and otherwise?

Jesus said to "watch and pray". I believe His solution is best. He will handle everything perfectly in His time. The world will continue to wage wars for all kinds of reasons. I personally believe that the main reason wars are fought is because there are bloodthirsty people that want to continue the atrocities. We won't stop them, Jesus will at the appointed time. In the meantime, we as His sheep are to watch, and pray.


  1. Amen, Only Jesus can solve the world's problem, our job is to pray and believe.

  2. Hi Toyin,

    So true. I think we may be getting very close to the time of the Lord's returning...but things are going to heat up alot before He does, and we can see that in the book of Revelation, can't we? It will get real intense! I thought the pictures that I found with Jews being against Zionism interesting because I think many people think that if you are a Zionist you are a Jew and if you are against Zionism, you are antisemitic. Not True!!! but that is what the spin doctors would have you believe. The bottom picture is hopeful, but not realistic. When tptb do end (or try to) Zionism it will be a horrible time, a blood bath, but before the remnant is wiped out, Jesus saves the day...so actually, they are right, but to get to that point will be a test of significant proportions, for sure!

    Thank you for stopping by <3 :O)

  3. Hey Susan,

    I heard an interestin' theory yesterday that supposes that the 10 lost tribes are in some way mainstream Christendom. That those who don't "get" grace and are zealous for the law may very well be just that...the scattered tribes.

    Anyway, kind of hard to explain, but very interesting.

  4. Hi Ma,

    I'm sure there are Jewish persons that are also Christians (I have some Jewish ancestry that I know of -- not very distant, I mean) but I don't like it when they make it formula-ish, if you know what I mean. There are Muslims that are very "zealous for their law", and many SDA's that were very zealous for law when I went to their church, were Asians/South Pacific Islanders.

    The Jews that still hold to their Jewish identities and faith are mostly either conservative (middle of the road as far as holding to OT laws). The Orthodox Jews are most zealous for the law, and Reform Jews are the most liberal. Many Jews have become atheists :(

    I personally don't believe the remnant (scattered tribes) would be zealous for the law, but would be honest, humble, and love God very much. :)

  5. Hi Susan, good thoughts right on "target" as usual.

    Did you catch Dr. Jerome Corsi's 2 videos-interview I posted over on mater-reads ? I think it's a pretty good one, clear even for a newby to this info. Maybe even some of those pro-Israel sleepers can get a bit of reason out of his explanations of where we are today.

    Logic seems to have flown out the window, however for most people sheepishly follow their illustrious leaders of government, media, and lukewarm churches. We still watch & wait for God's solutions as we keep on the wall so to speak.

  6. Hi Muse,

    I did watch yesterday, need one more viewing before commenting on it tho... I know I watched it, but my mind was on something else, so I retained none of it :(

    Troubles at work have taken over my mind... and it shouldn't be so...I know Jesus is in control and all will eventually work for good, but I do get swept up in all the commotion, lol...

  7. Greetings From Southern California

    Watch and pray indeed! The end times seem to be upon us. Even so come Lord Jesus.

    Thanks for your recent visit to My Blog

    Have a Nice Day :-)

  8. Hi Ron!

    I didn't know you are in So. Cal.!!! I lived there 40 years, now am in the Midwest and love it, but not the driving in the snow part, lol.

    We are all guilty and all need forgiveness for greater and lesser offenses, any of which keep us out of the presence of a perfect and holy God...but thankfully God has provided the way into His good graces!

    I do believe that we are approaching the time of the end, and things will continue to get more interesting indeed!


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