Monday, 21 May 2012

Easter Island Heads

I saw this article linked to on a messageboard...digging around the Easter Island heads reveals they have entire bodies buried underneath them, planted deep into the ground.

Excerpt from the linked article:

Easter Island is perhaps best known for its immense stone statues ‘Moai’, of which there are approximately 900 scattered across the island. Some of the Maoi were placed, facing towards the centre of the island, on platforms called ‘Ahu’, built along the coasts. Captain Cook was told in 1774 that they were monuments to earlier ‘ariki’s', or royalty. The ‘Maoi’ are also described in local tradition as having once possessed ‘mana’ or a beneficial power.

All Easter Island’s giant statues were supposedly made within the space of a few hundred years. Different phases are clearly discernible, and may be separated by far longer periods than orthodox opinion allows. It is significant that the statues do not bear the slightest resemblance to the Polynesians, and in terms of size, appearance, and number are unique in the Pacific.

All the giant statues on Easter Island have long ears, and some islanders still practised ear elongation at the time the first Europeans arrived.
The elongated ear lobes on these images is interesting to me because it is a feature that is also seen in some African tribes, and in Asian Buddha statues.  Not really sure why that is interesting to me, maybe "curious" is a better word...not sure how this all fits into today's world and things that have happened in Biblical times. I've read some people on the messageboard question the possibility of a Nephilim connection.... hmmmm, perhaps...


  1. Interesting, I wonder what all that stuff means...esp. the ear elongation, what would make someone think that is a good idea?

    1. There are verses that talk about ear piercing which have to do with a person being a slave. It might be some exaggeration or mutation of that system, maybe? Also did you notice the writings/symbols on the back?

    2. I see guys walking around with giant earlobes pierced and stretched with huge rings in them, right here in my small town. What are they thinking? Some teens have their ears surgically altered to look like elves... etc. Ecclesiastes 1:9. So, what's new?

      Wonder why they made them so big? Maybe they too had ego problems but no facebook or Twitter or Pinterest, lol. Sorry, it's just hard to keep a straight face sometimes, especially this late. Forgive me? Blessings!

    3. Elf ears DO sound pretty cool.;)

    4. Hi Petra and Ma,

      I personally don't understand the surgical alterations stuff...once I saw a program about the very bizarre things people have done, such as looking like a cat or lizard, ugh! Well, to each his own, eh? And this has been going on since the beginning of time, so, nothing new under the sun? So true, not much changes, even when technology advances, people pretty much stay what we've always been...broken...only Jesus can... and eventually will, correct that. :)

  2. Whoa. I guess those people had a lot of time on their hands. I thought that creating and transporting just the heads was a lot of work.

    1. "Approximately 900..." is a lot of statues... yeah, I would say they had a lot of time on their hands! lol :)


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