Friday, 16 November 2012

Joseph Farrell Interview

Very interesting and long (almost 2 hours) interview with Joseph Farrell on Project Camelot. He mentions and documents the Nazi underpinnings of what we see going on all around us today. His hobby is physics so he goes into some of the things the Nazis worked on, which continued on here through project paperclip, NASA, etc (yeah I've heard all that before too, but he ties up some of the loose ends, wow) and near the end they touch on Obama's visit to Berlin (of all places) before becoming the prez....and he says it all is VERY disconcerting for him....and from the comments I gather he is not a Christian, but he is looking at this in a rational way, connecting dots of things that are known to be true and not merely speculated, however he does offer many speculations and theories that he formulates from these things that are verifiable.

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