Friday, 16 November 2012

The Times of the End

I've been watching some youtube videos by various peoples, including a new ager, about what is going on with UFOs, alien abductions, transhumanism, and also found this little gem:

and this one:

They'll be perfecting this thing soon, imagine a New World Order with this thing running after you, hunting you.

Also, revisited alien "conspiracies" and transhumanism:

I'd listened to Tom Horn before (once or twice) so it was nice to see him in this one. He mentions the genetic research that is going on, and gives documentation of it, and tells of one of the guys that is involved in the research who told of waking up at 3am to visions of widespread bloodshed that will happen as a result of this research...that he wrestled with these thoughts, fears, images, and decided that it is research that needs to go on (!) and that it is worth the potential death and destruction.

Some of his comments in this lecture took me in other directions which led to looking up the latest of some of the things DARPA is doing:

Snipers are a dangerous threat in hostile environments. DARPA's Counter-Sniper Program is working on technology to automatically sense, track, and return fire on snipers. The C-Sniper system will operate day or night from a moving vehicle and give the operator information to make split-second decisions.

 I saw something on PBS about the recent military advancements and the effects it has on military personnel. It showed one soldier who could "go to work" on the battlefield from a remote place through a computer site. He could view his terrain on a computer screen and kill people like they were computer generated people, but these were real people he was killing, like it was a video game. Then he would go home to his family at night, and leave in the morning to do it again. They said these soldiers sometimes break down and have something similar to PTSS because a part of them knows they are killing real people, even though they are completely detached from the horror, the blood, the "clean up" (if there is any) etc.

And then there is this by Russ Dizdar:

One of the links I listened to either yesterday or the day before yesterday, I don't remember the link anymore, made an interesting assumption or theory. The speaker said that in the Bible the king who would attack from the north is referring to a "king" that comes from a spiritual realm and not a physical country. To make his case he said that when the Bible speaks of "height, and depth, and length and breadth" the "height" refers to a spiritual realm, and that satan and his angels have not yet been cast to earth but that when that time comes all hell will literally break loose, and that is when the king of the north will come to attack us on the earth. There is already a lot of "contact" with these entities, so the time is coming soon.

We need to be aware of what is going on here, and also remember all the while:

1John 4:4  Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.


  1. I really hope all this doesn't happen anytime soon. My goodness! The thought of being able to do "war" behind a screen is too much.

    1. Hi Ma,

      It is already happening, but on a small scale while "they" are "perfecting" this stuff. It is incredible...we are getting prepared for something through sci-fi films and shows, through comedy, and through horror and action films. Whatever people's preferences in film genres it has been presented on all of these formats to warm us up to the reality of what is already happening. Like that movie with the little girl in front of the staticy television said so poignantly: "They're here"


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