Friday, 25 January 2013


The above linked article shows a few clips where flies keep coming to the big "O".

 Is it a sign? I mean this is January, and definitely not "fly season", this latest picture was taken as he was announcing two new members of his second administration.


 Ba‘al Zəbûb is variously understood to mean "lord of the flies"[3][4][5][6] or "lord of the (heavenly) dwelling".[7][8][9] Originally the name of a Philistine god,[10] Ba'al, meaning "Lord" in Ugaritic, was used in conjunction with a descriptive name of a specific god. Jewish scholars have interpreted the title of "Lord of Flies" as the Hebrew way of calling Ba'al a pile of dung and comparing Ba'al followers to flies.[11][12]
Interesting that Obama attracts flies like he does, even in the winter.

As a side note, the National Cathedral is as of a couple of weeks ago, now performing "gay weddings" and Obama had a Lesbian included in the "inauguration festivities":


  1. Wow! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing and I will pass this on!

    1. Hi Angela,

      This earth is nearing the end of the time on God's timeclock. The coming years will be interesting to say the least, and we will need to keep in prayer as we watch things continue to unfold.

      Thanks for your visit and your comment. :)


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