Monday, 7 January 2013

Yesterday Morning


I am very high up and have to cross a huge chasm by holding on to gymnastic rings and stepping onto swings that are swinging back and forth through the air. The first step is pretty easy. I gain confidence (in my own ability) and step onto the second swing as it comes towards me. So far, so good. The next swing seems to elude me. It's going a little faster than the previous ones. I cannot seem to get the timing on it. It slips past me as I try to get my feet in position. I notice that the way the seat is connected to the cords it is suspended from looks "iffy" (some baling wire of some sort is holding these steps to their suspension cords). My arms are getting tired. I realize that I'm dreaming and to escape this torture all I have to do is wake I awaken...

I tell my husband about the dream, and he says "Too much Cirque du Soleil for you!" Well, yes, we saw the Cirque du Soleil movie just a few nights before (and enjoyed it very much!), so I'm sure that was a part of the reason for dreaming this dream....but when I first awoke, it had me thinking about faith, and about stepping out in faith in this life...and about trusting in my own ability and strength...and where were those rings and swings connected??? What or Who was supporting my walk through the air??? Was it "nothing"? Or was it SomeOne?


  1. What strikes me is that by waking up (and realizing that you needed to), you escaped it.

    It made me think of Ephesians 5:14

    1. Hi Ma that's true. (I looked up that verse)
      Jesus is gentle and kind :-)


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