Friday, 14 June 2013

Compromising with the World

This is a tough subject. We are to be "in the world" yet "not of the world". How does that look in real life?

That is something I have been confronting in the last few months, well, to be honest, I have been confronting it since my Christian conversion back in the 80's, however it seems to be revving up these last few months.

The following video was very helpful for me, in that it brought some of the areas I was still unclear on into greater focus and clarity. Is it our job to be everyone's "friend"? Should we "let our light shine" by just buddying up to everyone regardless of "lifestyle choices", religious affiliations, or heretical teachings? It is true that Jesus will draw His own to Himself and that it "isn't our job" to whack people over the head with our convictions, yet:

  Where do we draw the line?

Something that is striking in this video is the portions where it shows Rick Warren straight out lying about his affiliations and his stance on God, salvation, influence from and/or on other pastors that he doesn't want to reveal any association with, etc, and then I realize that I have also tried to distance myself from such when I am "called out" on something that doesn't quite sit well with how is he any different from myself and my own failings? Am I a "pharisee" when I point out other people's errors? Not if I admit that I have them too, and that it isn't about me, or about Rick Warren (he says it isn't about him; and then goes on and on and on about all the good things he and his wife do), but it IS about the truth, about Jesus, and about telling the Gospel correctly, and the true grace that comes from Jesus, not from ourselves and "our goodness" which is a sham.

Today we see all kinds of things being taught as "The Gospel", and they aren't the Gospel at all. They are all part of the "new world order religion" which embraces everything so that we can all be singing and locking arms together in a world of unity. It is a "social gospel" that isn't the truth at all, but a mixture of religion, philosophy and pop psychology.

Hope you take the full 2 hours to see this, and perhaps you can truly join Jesus, but be ready to be hated by "the world":

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