Tuesday, 9 July 2013

False Teachers: Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen leads a megachurch. Many think that if many people agree then the message must be true....is that what the Bible says? Is that what happened when Moses went up on the Mount, and then all the people were dancing around a golden calf?

"But Joel talks about Jesus and forgiveness, and he's just trying his best to bring a positive message. Why be so negative. He's a nice guy, really, and he and his wife are such a beautiful couple, and they encourage people. Let up a little. Quit picking at his splinter while you have a whole tree in your own eye, you hypocrites!" (I've actually heard people say things like this!")

If you truly want to know the truth about this type of preaching, if you truly want the Lord, and not the charlatans, not the deceivers who are fleecing your pocketbook, then watch and listen to the following and compare the teachings with what the Bible actually does say, when you read the few verses they "preach" on in their proper context:

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