Sunday, 17 November 2013


I ran across those acronyms yesterday for the first time, so I had to Google it and found a nice breakdown of what it means here.

My position is "LIHOP plus". Some wonder why anyone would spend so much time talking and wondering about all this at all...
after all it won't bring the buildings back or change anything by all this constant discussion. It only makes some people think I'm crazy. Why do we discuss anything that happened in the past for which the criminals really haven't been caught? In this case it changed national policies, and the interrelations of the countries of the whole world as well. There are so many strange things about 9/11 and also various other terrorist occurrences, that a thinking person would want to understand what is going on, and try to find a "why?" in all of it.

Why? Well, there are evil people in this world...surprise! AND there are evil people in our government as well. That is the reason why our "founding fathers" put the checks and balances into our government system in the first place. Those checks and balances are getting dismantled for the sake of "national security". Yeah, well, anyone who doesn't realize this doesn't have their eyes open.  It is so much easier to just act like Mr. Magoo in all of this.

The time draws nearer.

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