Friday, 7 February 2014

The Worldly "Wise" (wise in their own eyes, that is)

That was me at one time, and thank the Lord He didn't leave me to "my own wisdom".

Posted this in the comment section of a friend's blog, and decided to repost it here:

The ways of this world have a way of seeming to be stemming from wisdom, it seems right, but it leads to destruction. What if we can gather all the comfort and happiness and wealth of this world, and live in a peace that this world gives, and have everything that our flesh desires, and not have the Lord, and lose our soul....Jesus asked that question, what would it prosper us? Trading a few temporary years for a vast eternity. It sounds wise to those who have no hope for eternity I suppose, but God's word tells us such "wisdom" is very shortsighted. He knows the bigger picture, and has promised us so much more than we can ever comprehend with our mortal faculties....and He who promised us such splendid promises also keeps all His promises. Why be short-changed by a few temporary amusements? Because the devil makes them seem like they are all there is, like it is the only thing that matters at all, just as he did with Eve and the first temptation to doubt God's wisdom and providence. God loves us so much, and He knows that we get easily distracted and dissatisfied and grumbly, to our own hurt. When I truly thank Him and praise Him, He fills me with His joy that surpasses all the junk we can try to mimic that blessed feeling that the Lord desires to bless us with. One day, in His presence, no longer battling this awful flesh, and the temptations of the evil one, we will enjoy the passion, the praise, the honor, the glory of being in the company of the most glorious and loving being there ever was and ever will be, and it won't be a roller coaster life of ups and downs like we have will be constant peace, constant love, constant joy, constant honesty, constant reverence, forever, and ever, in holy communion with our Lord and Savior and Friend. 

I have seen those who call themselves "Christian" coming out of their "closets" and exposing who they really are, wise in their own wisdom, with all the stealth and smooth words of the devil himself, and getting approval of other atheists like themselves for their "boldness" and "wisdom" for "telling it like it REALLY is". The Bible does tell us about these scoffers who scoff what He has to say, and their final end. Does it really matter that they come to a place here where they are satisfied with themselves, and gain approval of god-haters? What will that gain them
in the greater picture? And what about their children whom they now leave bereft of the Lord's comfort and true guidance, leaving them to "chance" and "fend for yourselves because that is all there is"? How hopeless. How sad. Making sure that their own children will ultimately be orphans cut off from a loving Father who wants to give them so much more than this wicked world has to offer. I pray they will come to the real and the true regardless of stupid parents...even Madalyn Murray O'Hair had a son that the Lord reached with the truth regardless of having such a silly woman of a mom. He tried to talk sense to her and his brother. They both ended up getting murdered by their own cult followers, victims of their own stupidity, sadly. The one who came to the Lord, came to his senses, is still alive today, thankful that the Lord saved him.

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I heard another interview (a much longer one, just audio) in which William stated he tried for a long time to reach out to his mom and brother whom he said she had brainwashed into believing her rants against God, and was still trying to convince them of the truth about God, Jesus, at the time of their disappearance, even though he got nothing but hatred back from them. Of course "the most hated woman in America" is the extreme, and many atheists seem quite loving and "normal". That makes their sermons even more insidious because they spoon out their satanic poison (for the devil has sermons of his own to share) with so much honey. But we know where this "wisdom" that is not from God will lead. I feel very sad for the children who get duped and shortchanged by such short sighted "wisdom", and I, like William O'Hair, hope they snap out of their delusions and thoughts of their superiority over what they suppose to be the Christian's inferior intellectual abilities. Time will reveal the truth of that too.

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