Thursday, 20 March 2014

Another Confession

I love books; I always have. When I was a little girl I had a girlfriend whom I adored because she had lots of wonderful books. One day she lost her skate key, so I let her borrow mine... and then she lost mine as well. Then the ugly truth about my shallow friendship came out. I struggled with my anger with her because I knew that if I told her the truth, I would lose her as a friend, and would lose my relationship with her books. Yeah, pretty selfish, there it is, the real me in the flesh. I'm not giving up anything pretty by surrendering such gross selfishness to Jesus, let me tell you.

Anyways, fast forward several years to where the Lord has me today...

My darling husband recently made renovations to our lovely (and very old) house. One of the things he did was make a library/sitting room in a front room just off the main livingroom and diningroom area.

He (and my brother-in-law) did a beautiful job. It is so nice to sit here, the light of a beautiful bay window lending gentle light into the room. I often sit here with my laptop and get inspired by all these wonderful thinkers surrounding me. :) landing and moving to Canada also involved the transporting of boxes and boxes of books that still remained (and some still do) in the U.S.... sigh.

A few of my books made it onto the shelves, and the rest....well, not sure what to do with them just yet...and there are more of them than just these few little piles... three more boxes in the basement, and about ten more boxes (!!!) of books in storage in the states! Yikes! I hope my husband's ingenuity (truly a blessing of the Lord which I do not yet possess) will get me out of this predicament! 


  1. Wow, my daughter would love this room! She loves books and even though I bought her a kindle, which she likes, she prefers to have a real book in her hands.

    What a wonderful husband you have.


    1. Yes, he is pretty awesome! I am blessed beyond ability to give back to the Lord, for sure :)

  2. I don't see your predicament? Looks great to me! I love a library with scattered books, makes picking one up to glance through so much easier.

    My mother had "too many" books also. She couldn't help herself...she also gave books as gifts. Beautiful shelves. Have you seen those neighborhood libraries? The ones where there is a little cupboard (looks like a very large birdhouse) with books that are traded among the neighbors? I was thinking of putting one in front of my house...if we continue to live here.

    1. Hi Laura, I never thought "too many books" would be a problem, lol, the book trading library sounds like a wonderful idea. If and when you do that I hope to learn more about it <3 love your blog!


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