Friday, 14 March 2014

Winter in March....

I was so glad/relieved when February ended because now it is March which means warmer weather with trees budding and tulips beginning to push out of the ground, and PERHAPS another snowstorm or two which would melt away in a day or two....well, not exactly....

Day before yesterday we had a blizzard, A BLIZZARD I TELL YA!...and this is what it looked like yesterday:

view from our diningroom window
yes, those are huge icicles, sigh
another view of the icicles

I think it is time for spring to start springing. Yesterday I had to leave the house (completely against my desire to stay in and just enjoy the picturesque views from my windows). I had to push a foot of snow off our van, and then travel over roads that were caked with icy patches, while people tailgated impatiently behind me. They can slow down a little bit and arrive safely to their destinations as well...and so did I. I took my time, got the errands taken care of, and got back to the safety of my home sweet home. It was nice to get out (I was developing a bit of cabin fever), but it was really nice to get home and back inside (yes I am a self-confessed homebody).

I hope all this snow and cold weather ends soon. Usually March has a light dusting of snow left over.

this (taken moments ago) shows there are heaps of snow
some heaps are as high as the surrounding homes...sigh

Oh well, when spring finally does come, it will be very much enjoyed indeed! Each season brings it's own particular beauty and blessings. This one is trying to teach me the virtue of patience... and of course contentment with all the blessings that I do have.


  1. I don't like that second view of the icicles...dangerous! Build a snowman and put a red scarf on him and a fancy hat with a feather. Bet you'd make your neighbors smile. I'm sorry for the cold weather...I hate to leave my house also. In fact the kids just tried to drag me out on a walk (and the sun was shining!) I made it just past our house before I said, "Sorry kiddos, I'm too cold!" God bless you as you wait.

  2. Hi DebblieLynne, my husband and I just got back from eastern Ontario...and there was yet ANOTHER snow storm while there (yesterday). My husband was making fun of me before that storm because I was taking photos earlier that day of the huge piles of snow that the snow plows had pushed to the sides of the roads, which have been there what now seems like an eternity. We might miss out on spring altogether and go straight into summer.

    Haha Laura, I took that second icicle shot just holding the camera (cellphone) out with outstretched arm and pointing straight up. I was surprised it turned out! Snowman! Brrr, no, I try to stay inside as much as possible in this kind of weather and don't even like taking a broom to the snow on the car let alone trying to build a snowman. Hot oatmeal and tea, and my wooly socks inside nice and warm, that's how I do snowy weather. :)


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