Thursday, 10 April 2014

False "Men of God"

There are many false teachers these days, I've been posting about the obvious ones on my other blog under "The Gifts of the Spirit" series...but there are those who are just as false, but more stealthy and snakelike...I've always enjoyed John MacArthur, however someone (thanks Lyn) gave me a heads up about him and his ties to the Rockefeller Foundation. You can read about it here.

I found his pre-trib position difficult to bear with, but I didn't find it something that I would dismiss a pastor for...but now this goes a bit deeper...because it looks as though soon people will be required to be chipped (as in verichip aka MARK OF THE BEAST), and these "ministers" (read it as "of Satan") are saying it is not THAT MARK because we who are saved will have been raptured before the MARK makes it's appearance. Sigh. Wow.

In past conversations on Christian forums I've had quite a few people dismiss the chip saying "it isn't the MARK, and even if it were, God knows we have to eat, work, etc, so He is forgiving and will forgive us..." then the martyrs of previous times had it all wrong and died for nothing??? No, dear friends. Be assured that the Bible says that all who take the MARK will go with the false Christ and the false prophet to hell. Too strong for you? Read the book of Revelation for yourself and ask the Lord for wisdom, truly.


  1. I do believe that the chip is the mark of the beast. I just wish it wasn't happening all too fast! The pastor at our church really isn't talking about this at all and I really want to go to another church but my husband doesn't want to leave because he runs sound... Even our kids are starting to not want to go.

  2. Hi Angela
    I want to believe that many pastors are not aware or ill equipped to deliver such a message and perhaps some pastors truly are just innocently mistaken about how they present the situation. I want to believe good things about them but someone like Pastor MacArthur is not so naive. The Bible warns of the many dangers that are coming and we are seeing it unfolding just as Jesus and the apostles said it would. Stand strong the Lord is with us and will see us through.

  3. Also want to add that people are saying (rightly) that this has been going on for so long and that it is all nonsense etc, but Peter said that would happen. It was in the 70's when churches began the warnings that we were in the times of the end, the actual production of RFID began after 9/11. That was almost 15 years ago. The Lord is gracious and given us lots of time to prepare, to understand that this is happening. He gave the people of Noah's time 100 years to get ready for the flood while Noah built the ark. I don't know if we will have 85 or so more years, the thing is that we need to be ready at any time to meet Jesus.

    I believe that all pastors need to be warning their congregations about this.


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