Monday, 14 April 2014

Hello...Spring? Are You There?

Forecast for today is rain...and the weatherman shared that the temperature will go below freezing again, and anticipate more snow (!???!!!??) tonight.

My DH and I visited the eastern end of Ontario over the weekend. Here on the western side, the snow has pretty much disappeared, with a few lingering patches of snow that just refuse to go away.

The east side, on the other hand, still has huge piles of snow where the snowplows have pushed the snow off the roads from the last storm (2 weeks ago).

Just to give an idea, these piles are about 4-6 feet high!

We got back to the west end in the late afternoon yesterday. I stopped to take a few pictures of a river near home, pictures I've wanted to take of this area for a while now, but always in too much of a rush. 

Yesterday it was very windy here, so windy I thought the wind would knock my phone out of my hand while trying to take these pictures

I love the muted browns in these pictures, they remind me of oil paintings from the times of the "Dutch masters" and I hope to paint these some day.

The quiet and somber mood of these river images are reflective of my melancholy mood this's very windy and drizzly outside right now. I need to be out doing some errands, however the cold wind outside makes me want to stay indoors, in the safe shelter of home.

I'm still waiting for spring...will it ever come to me this year?


  1. Nice pictures. I hear the east is having a long winter but I'm sure that when the spring time weather does comes you will enjoy it even more.

    Blessings and stay warm,

    1. Thank you Child of God, yes, I'm trying to remain patient and thankful :)


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