Monday, 7 April 2014

Was and Is and Is To Come

Finally, spring is really here...there still are a few patches of snow here and there in the wooded patches, but for the most part it has finally been vanquished!

soon, very soon, we will be enjoying nice meals outside!

 in the distance, it is apparent that the trees haven't budded...yet,
the only green is still from the beautiful evergreens...
the grass is just beginning...

 8:30 this morning, still cool 
from these pics you can see a hint of my next project...
it involves paint...

I've been listening to Voddie Baucham lately (you can read a bit about that in my other blog). The last few days I've been soaking up his sermons that discuss the book of Revelation. The visual images that have been brought up to my thinking and praying probably were the reason for what I mused on "in the middle of the night" last night. I awoke thinking about King Arthur... know, the whole legend of Guinevere and Lancelot and King Arthur having been king so long ago, and the promise of his returning...and a parallel to the wayward church/bride cheating on her husband/king/Jesus, and suddenly, vividly, another thought inserted itself into my thoughts. Voddie brought up the fact that the book of Revelation said the false Christ is noted as being: "was, is not, and is yet is"(is to come) while Jesus "was, and is, and is to come". Then the thought of President Kennedy and Jacqueline and their calling their "reign" Camelot...and his being shot in the head...and other presidents likening themselves to Kennedy. I have never read the T.H. White story, but Wikipedia offers a synopsis.

Many have this idea that the antichrist will look like a monster, someone that we can see right away is evil and horrible, and therefore avoid easily. The Bible says many will be drawn to him, he will be enticing....

...the phrase "was, is not, and is to come"
 "when they (future) behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is" Revelation 17:8b 

it speaks of the legend...the copy of the true...there is a copy, a beautiful fake, like a fake diamond that can fool the eye, and there also is a much more beautiful True.

There is a fake coming, and many will follow after the Beast (Revelation 13:8) those who are not sealed by the Spirit of God.

Strange ponderings in the middle of the night...and then to awaken fully refreshed to such a beautiful and peaceful morning. I pray the Lord is sealing you against that day as well, fitting you with the armor of God (Ephesians ch 6) to stand in that soon coming day.

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