Monday, 28 July 2014

Beth Moore

DebbieLynne has a couple of posts touching on this false teacher.

I had to take many breaks through this because I cannot take much of Beth Moore at a time. She is one dingy woman for certain. I think many love her because she comes across as a dingy blonde. Who can fault her for not getting all of her facts straight. She's just a blonde after all, right? It seems like that is how she tries to excuse her lack of Biblical accuracy. She is one of those who make Christians a laughing stock amongst unbelievers (atheists, yes I lump everyone who is not a Christian as an atheist, because either you are with Him or against Him). I don't know if she is a Christian or not. Just because she (or anyone) claims to be one doesn't make it so (as I have seen time and time again). The proof is in the pudding. God will reveal the truth about her, and about everything in His perfect time. In the meantime, please, please, please know and understand how these things get mutilated by these false teachers, the likes of which you can find on TBN every day.

 See if you can suffer through her rantings with that horrible overdone southern twang. Chris Rosebrough takes us through her "message" and tries to untangle what she rants about with the searchlight of the Bible. At one point he says "I think my ears are bleeding".  Sigh. She turns all of scripture on it's head...and I can see that people who follow people like her (instead of following Jesus Himself) can wind up in confusion or worse, end up losing what little faith they might have had before they began following her. She needs to confess that she doesn't teach what Jesus or the Apostle Paul taught. She needs to stop.

Listen if you can stomach this stuff  enough to be able to understand the difference between the truth of the gospel and the rantings of people that think they teach the Bible but instead butcher what it actually says.

Listen to the broadcast at DebbieLynne's website (I cannot get it to embed here)

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  1. Ok, I guess I did get it to embed! But do check out DebbieLynn's blog anyway. I love her blog.


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