Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Regarding Honesty and Openness

It has been requested of me (more than once) to share my testimony. Portions of how the Lord has intervened on my behalf can be found here and there on this blog amongst a few separate blog posts however I have yet to write out a formal testimony of my conversion to the God of the Bible, Who is the only true God.

It isn't that I'm embarrassed or afraid of anyone's disapproval or rejection in this matter. 

That is never a consideration when doing anything truly for God, nor should it be; self-congratulations and self anything have no place in it therefore if everyone except God rejected me for it I would still be on the side of the majority of the only One who matters. I have little patience nor respect for cowards who shirk from doing what is right because those who are wrong seem to be the majority and then these likewise shrink from the side of right to submit to the seemingly popular wrong (perhaps they are only more vocal and boisterous?) to gain popularity and acceptance.

I've been wanting to make a few changes to this blogsite before writing out my testimony and I hope to get to these matters soon, all in God's time, eh?! (slowly but surely, remember that it was the tortoise and not the hare that won the race)

Blessings, and I pray that Jesus gives each person reading here a boldness in Him, not in selfish endeavors that focus only on yourself and your own ideas of what you think best, but what is truly good, holy and pure and the only outcome that is truly a blessed one. 

I pray that when I do share what God has done for me in my testimony, that it will be for blessing others not for the purpose elevating myself, and ultimately only for bringing blessing to Whom all blessings belong in the first place, 
from Whom all blessings flow: 
Jesus our Lord and Saviour, Almighty God


  1. Amen. Thanks for making sure the focus remains on the Savior!

    1. Hi DebbieLynne7 thanks for suffering with me through my humble efforts. For an interesting discussion about faith, I hope you'll have some time to read the comments section of "What is Faith" (a couple of posts prior to this posting) and the focus is Jesus, if it weren't for Him none of us would have the life we have now, let alone the opportunity to be with Him for eternity. :)


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