Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Falling Away and The Remnant Church

From his own story, with no need for deconstruction whatsoever, he essentially came at the doctrines of Calvinism on his own, started reforming one church, crashed and burned at the next, then spiraled downward slowly into unbelief through the spectrum of liberalism.

Since he "outed" himself in my last post, I will use the atheist's full name in this one. Bruce Gerencser (I won't give him the elevated status of "pastor", he's burned up that right) gives us a good look at what atheists do when dialoguing with Christians. In this (above linked) article Joshua Whipps does an excellent job of dissecting exactly how Mr. Gerencser ruins attempts at meaningful dialogue with Christians and only gives kudos to those who agree with him. Yep, I've been there. But what I'm interested in examining here is what Mr. Whipps says in the portion of the article I excerpted. I've heard this before that many Christians enter into a liberal form of "Christianity" (I'm doubtful about it actually being Christian), before completely losing what faith they had, or thought they had.

This sermon by Phil Johnson talks about liberalism and the Church. This is a very uplifting and edifying sermon. One thing he says towards the beginning is the thing that I was (thankfully I can say "was") having trouble with. He says that institutions and persons have failed and will continue to fail into the future, but the gospel of Jesus will be triumphant. I admit that I was overly concerned by individual persons failing and falling away. Pastor Johnson says that this is actually a blessing in disguise in that the Lord is weeding out through this process the pretenders and keeping the faithful remnant. Pastor Johnson sees the season of unpopularity of the Church having a purifying effect on the Church because the ones who go for any other reason besides their love of Jesus, will drop out. They can deny and deny and speak of their previous love for Jesus, but in the end TRUE LOVE DOESN'T FAIL, so their denials are about as valid as an alcoholic saying he's not a drunk. Anyway, have a listen to an excellent sermon and be strengthened in the power of the Lord to save those who truly desire Him. He is faithful and true, and let our desire be for Him and His saving grace alone, even when everything else on earth fails.

Enemies at the Gate: Four liberalizing trends that threaten the contemporary church


  1. Here's my response. You tell one whopper of a lie in this post.

    1. As Mr. Whipps stated in the post's link your reading comprehension doesn't flatter you.


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