Friday, 25 July 2014

The Great Debate

About commenting on this post, a few guidelines I believe are necessary:

Please keep your comments to what is in this video (well, audio actually).

Please think out your comments carefully because those that I determine are simply to be rude, mocking, or otherwise not productive, will be removed. You are free to ridicule me or this debate and what have you on your own websites and muck it up there as much as you want to of course, but it isn't welcome here.

Also realize that I may decide to not answer your comment but leave it as it is if the answer already addressed adequately in this audio debate and therefore I hope then you will take it upon yourself to do a better job of listening. Yes it is long (over 2 hours duration), and you might have to take it in segments. Don't be sloppy, and I will try to heed my own advice as well there. :)

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If there is a link to an article or podcast, or if there is an embedded video please view these before airing your views on the posting. If you clearly did not watch video/read link I may choose to remove your comment or leave your comment and then not respond to it ...particularly if you have a question that is already answered on link or video.

Opposing viewpoints are of course allowed here, however, I will limit such discussions to two or at most three further comments on one topic, so do try to get all your criticisms in while keeping that in mind, and don't take it personal....I just don't want to be bogged down with a constant barrage of replies that go on and on like a dog chasing it's tail in circles.