Monday, 8 June 2015

Debating with the Skeptics...

 My husband shared something with me today, it is truly funny how the Lord works these things out, I am sure He has a terrific sense of humour. The reason my husband shared this link with me was because he told me that he was unaware (until reading this blog article) that there was anyone else on this planet besides me who uses the word "discombobulated"...

(from movie "Princess Bride")

Anyhow, I love the blog, and this particular blog post was on the topic that I've been harping on lately....


"With a skeptic like Chaz, it truly is not a matter of whether there are answers to his criticisms. It is a matter of whether or not he will submit himself to God’s authority as revealed in Scripture. He is operating with an unregenerate mind; one that is darkened in sin and has no interest in the truth, and what truth he is given, he will reject, suppressing the truth by explaining it away with some clever argument he devises. Hence, the Bible in the mind of the unregenerate sinner will never be a “reliable” guide to Christ’s teaching and no one will ever satisfactory answer his list of “contradictions.” "

 Here's the link:

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  1. The author of the "excerpt" should look up ad hominem fallacy.


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