Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Who Are You Listening To?

Last month I posted (on Bible Treasures) a sermon by R.C. Sproul on the topic of King Ahab...and in that post I focused on the fact that the scriptures are so multifaceted and complex that we tend to think in either/or and see what seem to be discrepancies. But there is so much more in this sermon, he speaks of the fact that Ahab rejected the truth that God spoke through his prophets, and only listened to the false prophets that spoke what Ahab wanted to hear, tickling his ears with flattery and falseness. Then, at the end of God's patience with Ahab, he uses his false prophets to lie to Ahab in order to bring Ahab using his own lying prophets to bring him to the place where God ends Ahab's life. Interesting side point that I also mentioned in the Bible Treasures post is that Elijah had told Ahab that his blood would be licked up by dogs at the pool where Ahab had Naboth murdered. (1 King 21:19), so Ahab avoided going to that pool...he thought he could outsmart God in this. So when Ahab followed the advice of his lying prophets that told him he'd have a great victory in battle, but just in case Micaiah was correct, he decided to hedge his bet and disguise himself so the enemy army wouldn't recognize him and kill him...but a stray  arrow strikes him, kills him.
Today, again, people would rather hear only what is pleasing to their own understanding rather than listening to the word of God. Judgment is at the doorstep. How much longer will God patiently endure the evil that people are flinging in His face?

If you haven't listened to this great sermon, please take the time, and if you already have heard it, it is worth a second hearing.

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