Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A Thought About Biblical Contradictions

 this morning 4 degrees Celsius (brr) and quite breezy

From time to time I will read a post about Biblical contradictions, sometimes from the atheist's view and sometimes explanations of seeming contradictions from a Christian perspective.

Today is a gloriously sunny day, much like last Easter (resurrection) Sunday was, except the day before yesterday it was warm and sunny and today it is quite chilly. It had me thinking about the seeming contradiction in it. One person describing today might talk about the beautiful sunshine, birds singing, etc, and another might describe it as very bone chilling cold, the need for extra warm clothing, etc....and on the surface at a quick glance the descriptions might seem to be opposing and contradictory, and yet they are not, the two depictions actually give added information and support each other in describing the real facts of the matter.

So next time you see a seeming contradiction in the Bible, look a little deeper, and you may find that little nugget of something special, that breathes a fresh and new life into the narrative.

Mine is admittedly an oversimplification of this topic. To get an indepth study into Biblical (perceived) contradictions, please visit this website:


  1. You say: "Mine is admittedly an oversimplification of this topic."

    Agreed. In fact, I contend that it's so oversimplified that you've ventured way off into subjective territory. While it's true that one person may describe a given day as sunny and warm while another person may describe is as bone-chilling, those are subjective evaluations. And how you arrive at the notion that those descriptions "support each other in describing the real facts of the matter" is beyond me.

    But regardless, when atheists and others talk about contradictions in the bible, they aren't necessarily talking about subjective opinions..e.g..one person saw so n' so at such 'n such place, and another person saw something else. No. The bible is rife with scientific blunders, as well. For instance, the bible got the position of the earth in relation to the sun wrong. Yes, the biblically-supported idea that the earth is geocentric flat-out contradicts the scientifically-supported fact that it is our sun (a star) that is geocentric(in our solar system).

    So, you see, this isn't a case of one opinion Vs another. No. There is an objective reality, and there are many instances where the redactors of the Bible jotted down things that contradict that reality. Of course, this is precisely what we'd expect to see if the Bible was of human origins, not "Divine".

    1. Thanks for sharing your OPINION, and for visiting. Perhaps you can look up the link to discover many more ways your opinion is much better than the facts in the Bible.

  2. http://boomslangsrevenge.blogspot.com/2016/04/my-opinion-vs-facts-in-bible.html


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