Thursday, 10 March 2016


The deception is getting stronger and stronger, many are succumbing to it, many are ill-prepared for it. Even those who have been trying to keep up with watching and praying are having a difficult time with it. I have been trying to pay attention and watching all the warnings, ok, some of them were pretty far fetched, but many of the warnings were accurate and did not actually reach far enough to describe the level of deception and horror that is going on in our midst.

Amir Tsarfati is an Israeli Jew. He is also a Christian! Hallelujah! He has many prophecy videos on youtube, I do not agree with him about a pre-trib escape but that is a minor issue. In this video he warns about the ecummenical movement that is sweeping through Protestantism. It is happening, the devil is crafty, and I like the way Jacob Prasch put it. Prasch said the only persons in the Bible given title of "son of perdition" is the antichrist and Judas Iscariot. The closest disciples of Jesus were all fooled by Judas, that should be a warning to us. Judas put on a great religious act, he even seemed so caring for the poor, while he was pocketing the money...and now today there are many antichrists at work, and some of the worst ones are the very best at fooling us Christians into making us believe they are one of us.

Please be aware of what is happening today. Please search out Albert Mohl and see how subtly he is at work to line up the "good" preachers for the antichrist system.

And please watch this video to get an idea of some of what is happening in the "church" today:

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