Saturday, 5 March 2016

Ecumenicism Part 2

In part one Robert Michael Zins on the video of that post speaks about the error of the ECT document that came out in the 1990's, which was signed by many evangelical and Catholic leaders. If you haven't listened to it please go back and listen carefully and prayerfully to the compromises that are being worked out in secret behind the scenes.

This next video (below) is given by a former Catholic priest who likens what is happening to what he heard some of his Reform brethren refer to as being "tulips in a vase" and cut off from the ground, having been cut off from the root of the truth of the gospel. He warns of the documents that are uniting protestants with Catholics, spelling out specifically what the problem is, to understand why this "unity" is completely antithetical to Biblical Christianity.

Please understand what is happening in the "Church" and know that we worship Jesus, not these fallen "leaders" who are succumbing or have already succumbed to this false unity.

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