Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Final Thoughts on Rapture Timing (part 6)

I say "final" with caution, lol, because I might pick this topic up again, but if I do it will  be on the Bible Treasures blog.

Since the previous posting I've been looking through several post trib videos to try to find the one I think best represents what I find in scripture on the topic. The one I chose is "pre wrath" and although I agree with most of what he says there are still some minor points that I am at variance with. He believes the rapture happens right after the opening of the 6th seal, and I see the rapture happening as part of the 7th seal with the sounding of the 7th trumpet. I do agree that the rapture is mentioned at the ending of the 6th seal, but that the revelation given to the Apostle John then telescopes into the events of that with the 7th seal; a minor point, as I said above.

Also, the pastor in the video (I couldn't catch his name, I think the person in the intro says "Pastor Ganz, but not sure. If you know who this pastor is please leave that information in the comments, thank you 🙂 ) ...the pastor in the video says "I don't know" quite frequently, and I appreciate that rather than him making stuff up to fit his thinking. I notice that he mentions having believed pre trib at one time, so perhaps there are things that might still be lingering and hindering his thinking, but there are many things that I don't understand as well, many of which will clear up as we get closer to the time of His returning.

I agree with this pastor that those who hold the pre-trib position won't be kept out of heaven for holding to a wrong doctrine. Many saved Christians that held to pre, mid, or post trib positions have already passed on to be with Jesus and are enjoying His presence.

If you hold to the pre-trib position, it is my hope that you can listen to the entirety of the video, and then add your disagreements or whatever you wish to add or ask in the comments only after hearing it all out. Please examine these scriptures that he references in their proper context and pray that Jesus will reveal the whole truth of the matter to you, regardless of what you have been taught in the past.

One more note that I don't think I have clearly commented on and that isn't really examined thoroughly in this video is the term "the time of Jacob's trouble". Pre-tribbers cite this as a reason why only Jews will be here for the great tribulation. From how I see it the scriptures say when I look at what is happening before our very eyes is the Church Age has already passed (or at very least is well on the way to having passed). Many churches are closing their doors, sadly. In my area there are many closed churches. One street over from us is a church that just had it's final meeting last Sunday. Many church buildings in our area are being remade into homes or businesses. The churches that do remain are a shadow of what they used to be, mostly teaching "prosperity and health" as compared with "repent for the time is at hand, turn from sin to Jesus or go to everlasting punishment" is seen as "old fashioned" or not keeping with the times. Many of us "old timers" that like that kind of preaching are passing away as well. That is why I believe the church age is fading away as attention is shifting more and more to Israel, and I believe that the main thrust of the antichrist's persecution will be focused on Israel, but of course those few who still truly believe in Jesus that won't take the antichrist's mark will also feel his (not the Lord's) wrath.

Again to reiterate, I ask that you please watch the entire video to the end before making a comment or question. Thank you. 💗


  1. Hi Susan,
    I agree with you that many local churches are shutting their doors, and that many of those that are still open are preaching false doctrine and using entertainment and giveaways to bring people in. This is just what Jesus said would happen toward the end of the Church Age, typified by the church of Laodicea. They think they are rich because of their large numbers and material wealth, but they are spiritually bankrupt because they are lukewarm to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church refers not to individual buildings or congregations, but rather to the called-out assembly of all born-again believers who will continue to be on earth until they are called up at the Rapture. Thanks for continuing to address this controversial topic, and God bless.

    1. Hi Laurie, I agree that “the church” as written about in the New Testament refers to true believers. It is also referred to as “the kingdom of heaven”. I agree that all true believers, the elect made of both Jews and gentiles, will be removed at the time of the Lord’s return, at the sounding of the last trumpet. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Were you able to watch the video?

    2. Hi Susan,
      I'd like to watch the video, but a busy schedule has kept med from being able to devote an hour and half at present. Hope to be able to watch it soon. Thanks again for your thought-provoking posts and God bless,


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