Sunday, 17 April 2011

Celtic Woman

I love, love, LOVE Celtic Woman! I realize that some of the music (it being Celtic) has some pagan elements to it, because it is inherent in Irish folk music which is what Celtic music is...their music is mostly Irish folk and also bordering on a classical music style. These girls have crystal clear and so beautiful, in my opinion "angelic", voices.

I enjoy their music very much. Here are a few of their Christian selections:

And check out little spunky Mairead!!! She is an exceptional violinist!!!

And since this blog has butterflies in the title, this next one by Mairead is also appropriate here ;-)


  1. My MIL loves Celtic Woman too! She just emailed me the Amazing Grace one;)

  2. It's very happy music. They do Oronoco Flow much better than Enya ;-)

    Ken loves Lord of the do I, but I was concerned about all the pagan elements (like the big circle on the stage with lights on it and some other symbols I've noticed) and was looking at some LOTD Youtube videos. Then I saw a clip on the side for Celtic Woman, Chloe, and fell in love with her voice. Her voice is so clean, and her range! And the weird thing is Ken began listening to CW on Youtube the same way I did...anyway Saturday we spent about 3 hours listening to CW. He bought a music video.


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