Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Rick Warren Part 2

I found a few videos that I put forward for our prayer and consideration. This one is by John MacArthur, giving his thoughts on "The Purpose Driven Life" gospel:

This one explores the "purpose of" The Purpose Driven Life (there is no TRUE purpose to it):

This is an interview with between Lane (from Lane's Channel on YouTube) and Michael Horton (from The Whitehorse Inn) This is excellent, and one that I want to visit often for the reminders. Michael Horton nails it, telling the reason for right doctrine, and how important it is to get it right, and how easy it is to blur the line of right doctrine. It needs to be solidly Christ centered, not "me" or "us" centered:

Now keeping what Michael Horton says firmly in mind, carefully watch what John Piper says about joining arms with Rick Warren:


  1. This is so strange. I did listen to MacArthur and Piper. Hopefully the longer one later.
    But a former church, the staff put a smooth talking guy over the married couples Sunday school class (I disagree with age segregation, but like I said- former). All along there is something so off in my spirit. I am discerning here that something is so wrong, but at the same time questioning myself, because why would church leaders put this man in a position of authority? This is kind of what I have here. And by the way - The Holy Spirit did not fail me (of course), the situation at the former church ended very, VERY badly.

  2. Hi Mrs. Jennifer,

    There is so much deception going on these it any wonder? I do believe that the devil knows his time is short.

    I agree that the Lord warns us in our spirit when something isn't quite right, but there are many babes in Christ that don't yet have their discernment sharpened and are easily duped by every wind of false doctrine, and just like the child molester/predators know how to prey on the young naive children, so also do these false teachers know how to cash in and pillage the young and naive in spirit.

    John Piper isn't so young, and he shouldn't be so naive so I'm surprised that he is falling victim to this. Maybe he wants to believe that he's being "loving" by not shutting people like Rick Warren out over "minor issues". Repentance is not a minor issue. I don't want to think that John Piper thinks it is good to grow his congregation with this kind of tactic. I hope that isn't the case.

    I agree that all things will work together for good for God's sheep (those who love Him and are called according to His purpose Romans 8:28), He won't leave us in a ditch.

    However, I also do think we need to continue to sound the alarm about the false ones.

  3. Oh, I meant to mention about the longer (middle) video with Lane and Mr. Horton, that it is such a well presented video. You can tell that Lane is new at the interviewer role, he seems a little fidgety, but still an excellent job that is lovingly presented to help people understand the spiritual poison for what it is, not as an attack on Rick Warren (like some want to claim about anyone sounding the alarm about this kind of thing), or any person, but on the damage the false message causes the faith of believers.

    Isn't that the case with all abusers? They want you to think you are being judgmental and unloving if you expose THEM...never mind the people they are hurting, it's all about them only, not their victims... :-(

  4. I watched a first couple and the last one and will be listening to the interview hopefully later today:)

    I don't really know a whole lot about John Piper, but was impressed with some of his Romans exegesis. I know he is very popular in the Reformed community.

  5. The bible tells us to mark and avoid false teachers, in this day and age it seems my marker is running out of ink, and my avoider is working overtime.

    Gregg Metcalf
    Colossians 1:28-29

    Gospel-driven Disciples

  6. Hi Ma,

    The devil is a subtle creature, his deceptions weave through what is good and true, and mimicks what is good and true. That is the spiritual deadliness of it. Seeing the interview, and then seeing the comments by John Piper is an eye-opener for me.

    Hi Gregg,

    I agree with avoiding false teachers. The Bible also exposed them for others to avoid. I believe we are to avoid them in the sense of not joining arm in arm with them, meeting with them in social settings, and giving the appearance of being lined up with their false teachings. That is to say, there is a way of paying attention to them that doesn't support them and their false teachings, but lets them know that there are people that are aware of their falseness.

    Thank you all for your thoughts, and for making me think deeper :)


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