Friday, 1 April 2011

The Sinister Side of Butterflies II: Monarch Programming

What kind of symbolism can you glean from the above movie poster? There is so much there that I don't even know how to begin...

Vigilant Citizen has lots of info on Monarch Programming. A few days ago he offered an article about Britney Spears.....ok, I know, "WHO CARES!!!" LoL, I think it would be a good idea to care, and to pay attention to what is happening.
Let's be AWAKE, Jesus said to WATCH and pray. It's easy to allow ourselves to get lulled to sleep and pretend it doesn't touch us.
I pray that we do care enough to let it touch us. We need to be concerned about what is happening to people like Britney. It breaks my heart. :-(


  1. I was just peeking around over at VC yesterday after seeing it on your blog list...great site!

    Brittney Spears does make me really sad too. The Mickey Mouse ears thing is CREEEEEE-PY.

    I know some people say Disney is pure evil and won't allow any of it, I'm starting to wonder.

    I listened to Scott Johnson's "Disney Exposed" series last summer.

    He tends to take this conspiracy to the nth degree, but there is certainly some truth there. I won't look at any of that stuff the same again:(

  2. I agree, Ma... I don't want to say "it's all true" and yet there certainly is something weird going on that is disturbing... AND Jesus told us there would be some terrible things happening near the time of His returning, and these can certainly be a part of the "terrible things to come"...

    It's easy to get completely sidetracked to the point that this can become an unhealthy obsession and I can honestly admit to at times being right on the border of that, but the other extreme (to completely ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist) is equally wrong. We need to be paying attention prayerfully, recognizing the times for what they are, and trusting in Jesus throughout these perilous times that we live in.


  3. I'm going to go check out Vigilant Citizen, I haven't been able to yet.
    I admit, it used to make me feel goofy that I prayed for Britney. I just always felt so bad for her, her parents seemed to be money hungry and she was feeding on the attention, but she also seemed so clueless. Like she really had no clue what was going on. And she started out as just a little ol' country girl like me (except I can't sing, can't dance!)

    We don't do Disney. Mainly because when I grew up, I realized it was about a bunch of half naked women running around trying to get a guy to kiss her. Then the more I looked at and thought about what was going on I became more and more opposed to it.
    Anyway, the Bible is FULL of amazing accounts of actual happenings, why do I want to waste my child's time on all that junk!?
    This is another readon why it is important to be in Scripture and prayer every day- so we can be in tune to The Holy Spirit and be sensitive to conviction. Because we don't realistically have time to research every little thing.

  4. I agree, Mrs Jennifer.

    It reminds me of the fact that people who can best spot a counterfeit, are able to do so because they know what is true and legitimate (in the case of the example of our currency)so well that they can spot a fake immediately without needing to study every fake ever made.

  5. Nice comment Susan! If you know the truth, a fake will stick right out:)

    Good point about Disney too, Mrs. Jennifer. I never thought of it that way.


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