Monday, 23 May 2011

G20 Pennsylvania Riot

The following Youtube clip was taken at a protest rally:

Notice what the young man at the end says. He mentions something about "guys in bandannas" and that is also what the undercover police at the Toronto G20 wore.

There was a girl with a bike that threw her bike at the officers pushing her. The report covering this incident also mentions there were four businesses with windows broken out:

Here in the next clip is a better view of what happened to her. The police chief justifies the excessive force of the police saying the people were told to disperse and didn't obey:

I can't get the video to pull up so here's the link

Alex Jones talks about it (yeah, I know) ...he mentions, (as he rants *sigh*) he mentions acoustic weapons


  1. Hey Susan, I so enjoy your posts and am refreshed, encouraged, and hopeful from them.:)

    I watched those videos contemporaneously and now seeing them again I have a few thoughts.

    First, the numerous riot police drills worldwide of the past decade are getting more brutal & bold & in my way of thinking, more visible to those targeted, mainly the young adults of the next generation.

    Second, I think the NWO ptb are done with the baby-boomer-me-first-generation. They think, "misson accomplished", of their planned shredding of the traditional family via women's lib and asexual agendas. Their demi-god, DIVERSITY, has been substituted for the treasures that were based upon the Bible in Western Civilization. (So they think, but I'm assured in God's Word that there remains a strong Christian core.)

    Third, this brings the thought that these assaults upon our children despite their softness, dumbed down curriculums, entertainments, amoralities, and physical weakenings from flouride, HFC, GMO's, and vaccinations may serve to backfire upon their police state plans for training the next generation to be compliant cattle.

    Fourth, the reprobate minds running the NWO can never account for the Grace of God. I've read that it is better for the character of a child to have negligent parents (who aren't overtly abusive mentally or physically) than to have overly strict parents. The theory goes that the merely neglected is easier to train than someone who is loaded down with resentments, fears, and trauma.

    Fifth, closing with this thought, perhaps God is about to pour out His Spirit upon this generation who've been wrapped in cotton, so to speak, by their soft lives. Now when they come against the police state it just may serve to waken them? I pray it to be so, in Jesus Christ of Nazareth's holy name.

    P.S. I can forgive A.J. his rants, immersed as he is with eyes open in the tank of outrageous assualts upon our freedoms, I think we could use more of his type instead of pseudo warriors who speak sportsese and imbibe FOX undiluted.

  2. Hi Musemater,

    I love your comments, thoughts and your blog!! Sometimes I get so wrapped in the details that I fail to fully see the bigger picture, which I think you sum up very well in your comment.

    Sometimes the things I see happening scare me, but then a scripture verse comes to mind and reminds me that God knew all this would happen and what He says supercedes all the plans of men.

    I haven't fully made up my mind about AJ. I agree with alot of what he says, but I think he might be part of the agenda to foment a revolt that will give them the justification to forcefully implement their NWO agendas to their completion...however, just as I said above, God still rules. I just don't fully swallow everything AJ says because I think his motives might not be what he wants us to believe they are, so I'm skeptical.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Hello,I'm so glad to see someone else talking/writing about these same things that I think about,and sometimes write/talk about too. It's very encouraging for me!! I look forward to reading more,and listening thoughts on these trying issues. I'll add you to my blog list too.

  4. Hi Velvet,

    Yes, these are exciting times, sometimes I do find it a little frightening, but then I remember to look up and remember that Jesus sees us through good times as well as the bad. It will only make us even more glad to leave this fallen earth and into a better place that Jesus has prepared for those who love Him.

    Thanks for visiting!

  5. Hi Susan, I'm always on the watch too & I have a reserve on AJ too, also my antenna is up on Ron & Rand Paul, but my theory is that IF they're dirty this is a deep phy-op & the end of America & maybe THE END may indeed be fomenting! I can imagine the subtile deception that would be represented if those defenders of the US constitution turned out to be the VERY "peace and safety" purveyors of

    1 Thessalonians 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

    But as you said, God will let us know if we watch and stay in His Word. It is an interesting time, not a time for the sleepy!

  6. Hi Musemater,

    With all the twists and turns I sometimes (often?) get my brain tied up into a pretzel! But then I go back to the basics and understand that God knows these things better than we do and knows the end from the beginning. What is confusing to me is child's play for Him. So He told us to watch and pray. I guess it will never make sense to me, while here in this mortality. But we are still to pay attention to what is happening all around us, while at the same time keeping our gaze on Him and His word the Bible to keep us steady in this storm. :)

    That Thessalonians passage is great for showing how opposite everything here is from what they tell us. So true!


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