Monday, 2 May 2011

Please Tell Me What To Think.....

Actually, the title of this blog entry is said tongue in cheek, the fact is "they" have been telling us what to think for years, trying to obliterate what Jesus has warned us about in His word...and the fact is there always are charlatans and con men in power, manipulating us and  the events that they cause us to see to suit their less than perfect purposes.

First Obama says his "real birth certificate" has been released to shut "the Donald" up. Now he says Bin Laden has been eliminated.

 Obama on Osama

see this link that says the body was quickly disposed of

and this link says that the picture that was released was the same picture that's been circulating for some time, and has already been proven a fake, giving more links to substantiate this claim.

What is this all about? This seems like a distraction campaign to me. Add the royal wedding into the mix and everyone is thoroughly distracted with things that really do not matter....but why?

Jesus told us to keep praying, and warned us about the deceptions to come, so all this should come as no surprise.

When a con artist wants to pull a con on his victims, he draws their attention to one hand while doing something he doesn't want his victims to see with his other hand...

It seems to me that we are being put into a state of utter confusion, and there has to be a reason...what is it they are trying to keep us from seeing?

Mind programming has been going on for years, and the media has been the means for telling us how to think for quite some time now. Before television, there was radio and the print media. Now we have the internet thrown into the mix, but the advantage is we can look up the various sources, and hunt down the perpetrators and their reasons for what they do (or have a better shot at doing so, anyway, lol).

Jesus submitted to tptb, by letting them kill Him....however, He was never fooled by them.

We must keep watching and praying...

Just saw that Vigilant Citizen did an excellent job on some little known facts surrounding the need for a sacrifice on May 1 for the Druid Beltane festival.See Vigilant Citizen article here


see Musemater's thoughts, as well as the image (near middle of article) that shows how the "dead Bin Laden" image was made: Musemater article


  1. Susan, I'm with you on this, I was so sleepy last night when I caught the Bin Laden story, at first I thought I'd gone to sleep at the computer & dreamed this absurd story. I have to chuckle to keep sane at the analogies that spring to mind at the wildness of it all! What ARE they up to?

  2. Another day another diversion;)

    I'll check out VC's article, too.

  3. A friend TM'd me last night to tell me about it. Then I saw your thoughts this morning, Musemater, followed some links, and decided to comment on it here.

    I really don't know what to think about all this, but I do believe we need to stay awake and in prayer. Reading VC's article also was interesting, about May 1st ... "Mayday" also meaning "distress signal", just as 9/11 is a distress emergency number...and that stuff about Beltane and the wickerman sacrifice. The devil is hard at work these days...

  4. Hi Ma,

    Be sure to check Musemater's blog today, I just added the link. Interesting picture about how the "dead Bin Laden" picture was made, and already used previously... the times keep getting weirder and weirder...

  5. Well I have to say I thought the same thing. I saw pics of people celebrating and I was thinking, wow, they believe it so easily? And his body was thrown into the ocean because of what Obama said was in following with the Islamic burial laws?? Seriously???
    I like what Ma said, Another day another diversion!

  6. Hi Mrs Jennifer,

    Gregg has an excellent post about the celebrating about Bin Laden's death. And I agree, it's a diversion. Is it to get our minds off the fact that there are multiple bank closures every month, and gasoline prices continue to climb? Or is there more that our attention is being diverted from?

    I still remember President Bush with his diagrams of what Bin Laden's caves look like, and I'm reminded of Mount Weather and Ravenhill, and it makes me think that if Bin Laden had anything that elaborate, the U.S. built it for him. Sigh.

  7. We need to be ever vigilant. Deceptions are coming and are already here.


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