Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Felonies of Our President


This brings up the latest released "official long form birth certificate" and shows the problems with it, as well as other problems, such as Bernanke and China and some interesting words from Harry Truman:


  1. Rense says we sat on our butts for decades and watched the TV. In my experience this is so true (not the butts for decades part but the TV being a hypnotic distraction part). It really really is.

    It is such wonderful tool, technology, but the enemy has perfected ways to use it to neutralize us.

  2. Hi Susan, Earlier this year during Chinese premier's visit China flags lined DC, hung in central position on the level between right and left USA flags all the way to the Whitehouse, strange configuration!

    O sat oblivious for that piano piece mocking us during the entertainment too.

    Kissinger under Nixon opened China to trade by population control agreement in return for giving them our manufacturing industry, & apparently technology too.

    They've gotten it all, now what? Just the Rare Earths, Gold, Silver, Timber, Concrete, and oh yes! fresh Drinking Water from our Great Lakes. I think we still have a few star wars weapons they covet.

    What to do with our population will be their biggest problem?

    Oh well, that can be solved with a little Styrofoam in our chicken nuggets & more trash TV?

  3. Hi Musemater,

    He says we will be going to war... to cover up the fact that our economy is going to crash? Or will it somehow prop up the economy a little longer since we are an economy whose "business is war"? I really don't know how this stuff works. I'm so bad at economics that I don't even try to balance my checkbook. Are we going to keep the dollar alive by murdering other people in a war? Is that what he was saying, Muse? That ranks up there with the murdering of Jews during the holocaust, doesn't it? :(

  4. Hi Susan, I'm writing over on an answer, as I got too long winded to respond here. (who'd have thunk that):) I think you're on the right trail.


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