Sunday, 25 September 2011

Nephilim at the end of the age...

Doug Riggs speaks on satanic ritual abuse, the antichrist, nephilim being born to modern day women, the end times, the church and spiritual maturity.

This is an interview done with George Ann Hughes on the Byte Show.

 Doug's audio page at :

Edited to add:

I found this audio of a podcast in which he had two of the women that said they were from royal bloodlines and had given birth to nephilim. I've listened to part of's 2 hours long, so it will take a while to work through this.

Link to the interview

Another edit:

Doug Riggs mentions knowing and being a friend of Jerry Mungadzi so I looked him up:
There is alot of controversy about the topic of DID also called MPD (multiple personality disorder), let alone this area of nephilim and the abuse that the women in the 2 hour interview say that they suffered. There are those critics that believe these types of women are hyper suggestible, that they were given what to think by their therapists during therapy, possibly under hypnotherapy (which is sometimes used in this type of therapy).

Friday, 23 September 2011

Religion of the Antichrist

Ma brought up an interesting question wondering if what many evangelical Christians believe today is true:

Is the unifying of religions under eccumenical banner ushering in the religion of the antichrist? What is the religion of the antichrist?

I found an interesting article:

Also, along the lines of eccumenicalism:

Does it matter that the religions want to somehow link arms together? Will it matter to those who are truly washed with Jesus blood what the religions of the world do? I think it will lend itself to giving the people a false sense of peace just before "sudden destruction shall come", and it serves as a sign to show us what time it is on God's timetable. Nothing to be alarmed about, just keep your eyes peeled. :)

Edited to add this link:

Let me know what you are thinking :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

American Family Association's Comments part 2

Yesterday I posted about the AFA's comments regarding Chaz Bono and her bad choices, and how her bad choices are being flaunted on nationwide television in a celebratory fashion, and that we should keep our children from being traumatized by her "lifestyle".

Although I agree with the AFA that Cher's daughter Chastity has made some terrible choices, pointing them out the way the AFA chose to do it, with the support of the Fox TV channel, seemed to me to come from the wrong place.They stated that children would be confused and swayed while going through the formative years of discovering their own sexuality, and that it might cause damage to young children to view such a perverse person being idolized for their "couragious" transformation through "gender reasignment". Yeah, ok, I admit it...I also have some genuine problems with what is going on with all of this celebration of perversion. But there is a right way and a wrong way of addressing the issue, isn't there? Saying that we should protect ourselves and our children from these spiritual lepers comes from a fearful disposition that is afraid of catching the sin disease. I have news for everyone, we are already seriously infected, and the infection is least for the mortal part of our lifespan. We all will die because we all have sinned and have been born into sin.

1John chapter 4 tells us that perfect love casts out all fear. Do we believe that? Do Evangelical Christians really believe that? Is that what the American Family Association is emulating by how they address the Chastity Bono problem? Did they confess their own sin nature before casting a stone in Chastity's direction?

The sin we see all around us these days is terrible, to be sure. However, Jesus promised us His protection for our families if we trust Him. If we don't trust Him to complete the job that He promised HE WOULD COMPLETE, no amount of boycotting and fear-filled proclamations will help us.

As I think on these things, the parable of the good Samaritan comes to my mind. Here is one who is despised by the "good and respectable" people of Israel, yet he proves himself to be a better person in God's eyes, by helping someone who was beaten by robbers and left for dead on the side of the road. A priest and a Levite passed by without offering any assistance, but this Samaritan who Jews found to be contemptible, shows that even though he is the least, he proves himself the greatest. He didn't hold his nose and pretend not to see this poor man. He stopped and poured oil in his wounds. Then he took him to an inn and paid for him to be taken care of until he was well. Then, he even goes further than that, promising the innkeeper that if the costs exceed what he has paid him, that he will reimburse him the next time he comes through town. How many of us would be the good Samaritan? How many of us would be the priest or the Levite? To my shame I confess that I am that priest and that Levite. Likewise are the American Family Association also in that proud group of failures. Yes, what Chastity has done is a result of her sin nature. Chastity is that damaged soul beaten by the robbers who have damaged her and left her hurt and dying. Do we add to her pain? Or do we love her and tell her that in spite of her damage, we care about her and hope a good outcome for her?

We need to remember where we came from, and to remember also that when we ridicule someone else for their sin, we stand in danger of falling back into it because we then lay ourselves wide open to the enemy. He uses our fear and our pride against us like a snare. We must cry over the sins that ensnare others in a manner that will bring conviction and repentance. It is true that some may never come to repent, and that is fine, God can handle that one too. Romans 8:28 is ever present to remind me of just how great a God we have.

As an interesting addendum please read about this study that put this parable to the test among "good Christian college students":
Thankfully, we are not saved by our good works, or none of us would make it... but this should still make us very sad :-( God sees us and our shortcomings better than our enemies do, and yes He shows us shouldn't we also likewise have that same mind that is in Christ for those who are sinners....just like us?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

American Family Association's Comments

The AFA has come out to say that families should not let young children watch dwts because Chaz Bono will confuse the younguns. Children are still forming their identities and can become confused about gender manipulation and the propaganda that is being forced upon us.

He does talk about some specifics about what kinds of mutilations are performed on transgender folks like Chaz, so be warned, not for the squeemish.

ABC News has stated that the AFA is a hate group and asked Chaz whether she feels threatened or whether she will leave the show because of what people say. She said she would stay as long as people keep voting for her and stay as long as she can. She said she's good at tuning stuff out. Is she good at "tuning out" the Holy Spirit?

There are some (many?) even amongst those who call themselves Christians who would say it is mean to speak the truth about this. I say it is meaner not to speak the truth about this. We need to remain honest, even when it doesn't win us popularity contests, and might one day get us killed. The truth needs to be told, and we need to continue to speak about the unpopular and true and not say that we like the emperor's new clothes when the emperor is in fact naked.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Local Situation in the Antelope Valley

One of my FB friends posted about something that is going on with some people living way out in the desert of A.V. They (the county govt) want these residents to be part of their "power grid" Antonovich wouldn't answer a question when asked how harassing these people is a benefit to anyone, and after the council meeting a press secretary said something vague about some people that had to meet code violation complaints...but these people don't even have neighbors and don't bother anyone....sooooo.....who is doing the complaining??? weird stuff....

Monday, 12 September 2011

9/11 and the Truth, part 3

This little clip asks some good questions. The guy being interviewed gives some startling information for just being "an average man on the street"... he knew more about the situation than the firefighters and specialists...??? Who was that guy? Also where did the reporters and that supposed Mayor Guiliani assistant get their information so quickly? Who was giving them their scripts?

And then there's Rick Rescorla...what exactly did he know?....?

Here are a few interesting pictures taken of some of the vehicles and the type of damage caused to them that day:

 Check out more pictures with the thoughts given by Drs Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds:

At the top of the page you can click on the various categories of topics and pictures and assessments of how they think this data needs to be interpreted. 

What really happened that day? What did THEY know? What did THEY do? Why did THEY act so suspiciously?...GW and Rumsfeld looked like cats that ate a canary for sure! So many questions, so many lies....

Saturday, 10 September 2011

9/11 and the Truth, part 2

Let's take a look at what happened at the Pentagon...

The maneuvers that flight 77 had to accomplish would be next to impossible (I guess there is always a slight margin for the miraculous to occur) even for a seasoned pilot to accomplish, so the question is, if this truly was flight 77 that hit the Pentagon, how could a Muslim who tried (and flunked) to take a few small craft lessons, then commandeer such a fantastic maneuver with flight 77? Check out  Pilots for Truth website here.

This article says there might have been the possibility for an "electronic highjacking" where the controls of the plane were taken over by a remote source.

Loose Change (full length movie) if you want to go full screen, click on the link:

Loose Change viewers guide.

Friday, 9 September 2011

9/11 and the Truth

With the 10 year anniversary of the "Arab assault on America" coming up this week, I thought I would add my 2 cents into the mix.

Matermuse posted a video that I agree with (that I'm sure people who are against "conspiracy theorists" would find several flaws  which have nothing to do with the facts of the incident but would rather attack the speakers for various flaws). The main question that does come up is:

Why does the MSM never talk about building 7??? Most people don't even know about the suspicious demolition of building 7.

and another question is

Why would so many reputable people that would have knowledge about such things (such as architects and physicists) lay their reputations on the line, and in fact lose all credibility with the rest of the people that want to blindly follow whatever they are told? These professionals have asked honest questions that never get an honest response, but instead they receive only ridicule....???

However, I have a third question (one a dear and very close person asked of me):

How will knowing the truth about 9/11 help me in my witness for Jesus? Will it help to seek out every ugly thing that goes wrong in this world? or will it make people run away from me without giving me a chance to stand for Jesus in their eyes?

The third question, I think, is the most important one. I think that knowing there is something very wrong with the official version of "the truth" has helped me to understand in a very profound way how desperately wicked this world truly is. To try to chamoflauge that fact and pretend otherwise might help me keep friends (for a while) but how true are "such" friends anyway? Before delving into the depths of this garbage can, I had a conceptual idea of the wickedness of the world. After getting into that muck, and truly understanding and feeling that muck on myself, made me see this fact in such a way that it smacked me full force right between the eyes.

Does it help my witness? Yes, and no. Yes because I am much more reliant on the power of Jesus than ever before. No because people do seem to have changed towards me, from changes that have occurred within me that people seem to pick up on in a spiritual sense. The Bible tells us that to the saved we are like the fragrance of heaven (sorry about the poor paraphrase, I'm not able to look up the exact verses right now) but to the unsaved we have the aroma of death. It has made my life more difficult...and that can be viewed as a bad thing....but ultimately, it is a good thing because this has me running to Jesus more and more.

Should we only seek out the "truth" that makes us comfortable and happy, and win lots of friends so we can influence them for Jesus? Or should we seek out "the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth, so help me God"? ... we each have to make that decision, don't we?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Something in our assignments for this week reminded me of this video I had seen on Ma's blog...and after about an hour of searching for it on Ma's blog, I finally realized it might be quicker to find it through a search on Youtube... I typed in "scale, Jesus, heaven" into the search box and found it in about 2 minutes.

So after all that, I figured I'd share this one again, it makes me smile big each time I watch it. 

I also shared it with the class